My rubbish bin was not emptied

If your rubbish bin was not collected on the scheduled day, there could be a number of reasons why this has happened. Before you report a missed bin collection, please check that the following factors weren't responsible for your bin not being emptied.

Does the rubbish bin belong to the City of Gosnells?

Our Rubbish bins have a distinct serial number and have our stamp on the bin lid.  If your bin does not belong to the City, we cannot empty it.

Does the rubbish bin have items of waste placed in the bin that has the potential to cause damage/fires in the collection truck which endangers the community and the waste collection operators?

Refer to either the waste bin collection instruction sticker (that is placed on the lid of your rubbish bin) or to the bin placement and collection guidelines for items of waste that should not be placed in your rubbish bin.

If bins are placed out late, you may have missed the collection.

Bins must be placed out for collection prior to 6.00am. Refer to bin placement and collection guidelines link below.

The bin may be too heavy for the truck to lift, or the bin may be overfull.

Overfilling your bin and jamming the waste in can prevent all the content from being emptied. Place lawn clippings and small pruning's on top of the waste material in your bin to help prevent jamming. The bin and its contents should weigh less than 50kg or it will be too heavy for the truck to lift.

If your bin was not emptied for any of these reasons, a note will be left advising you of the action you need to take to ensure resumption of the collection service.

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