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Residential Green waste verge collections

Residential green waste verge collection guidelines

To find out the collection dates click here or call the City on 9397 3000. 

  • Place green waste on the verge of your property no earlier than 7 days prior to your collection date.
  • Don’t include items such as plastic, metal, chicken wire, household waste or bagged or boxed green waste as it contaminates green waste and isn’t accepted at the processing facility.
  • If the green waste set out for collection doesn’t comply, it won’t be collected and you must remove it within 7 days or you may be fined.

Remember: Do not prune verge trees. The City places great value on its verge trees. To request verge tree pruning please contact the City on 9397 3000.

What we will collect for green waste collections

The City will collect:

  • Tree and shrub prunings cut up to 1.5m in length and up to a maximum of 30cm in diameter
  • Palm trunks cut up to a maximum length of 30cm.

The City will not collect:

  • Bags, boxes or loose leaf litter or lawn clippings (please place in your grey rubbish bin for collection)
  • Treated or stained timber
  • Prunings more than 1.5m in length or more than 30cm in diameter
  • Weed and root material, including dug out lawn
  • Sand and soil material
  • General rubbish, metal, timber, junk or whitegoods (the City provides a separate residential general junk verge collection service)
  • Mixed piles of junk and green waste
  • Green waste from commercial properties.

Important: If the green waste set out for collection doesn't comply with collection guidelines, it wont be collected and you must remove it.

Remember that littering or illegal dumping penalties apply for early placement of green waste on verges or failure to comply with collection guidelines. 

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