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Residents wanting to request or plant trees on a verge area must contact the City for advice on what is allowable. Many tree species are not suitable for verge planting and can cause damage to underground services, footpaths and roads. Sometimes trees cannot be planted because of overhead service wires, insufficient space for the tree on the verge or blocking sight lines for motorists.

In most instances one (1) tree will be provided  to the frontage of the property.  On corner lots where there is suitable space, 2 trees may be provided. The species of trees for a specific street may already be determined by existing plantings.

The link below identifies trees which are suitable for planting on verges within the City, however other trees may be considered subject to assessment.

If you want to apply for a street tree please call the Operations Centre on 9397 3000 or fill in the form below and a council officer will inspect your verge for eligibility:


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