RoadWise Advisory Group

RoadWise Advisory Group
The RoadWise Advisory Group meet to develop strategies which encourage community participation and education to achieve a safer road environment for all road users within the City.

The group is generally comprised of representatives from the City of Gosnells' Council, the Western Australian Local Government Association, the Western Australian Police Service, Main Roads Western Australia, local service clubs, Youth Advisory Committee, Emergency Services, a Road Safety Commission representative, community members and officers of the City.

The vision of the group is to contribute to the reduction in road crashes and serious injuries that occur.

The guiding principles of the group are to:

  • Improve road safety within the City,
  • Raise community awareness of road safety issues and initiatives,
  • Facilitate community planning, development and implementation of road safety programs and promotions and
  • Develop programs and initiatives which target groups and issues identified in the State Road Safety Strategy.

If you would like more information about RoadWise please contact the Senior Traffic Engineer - Road Safety on 9397 3260.

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