Stallholder’s and Trader’s Permits

A stallholder is defined as “a person in charge of a movable or temporarily fixed structure, stand or table in, on or from which goods or services are sold, hired or offered for sale or hire”.

A trader is defined as “a person who carries on trading” which includes:

  • The selling or hiring of, the offering for sale or hire of or the soliciting of orders for goods or services in a public place
  • Displaying goods in any public place for the purpose of offering them, inviting offers, soliciting orders or carrying out other transaction for sale or hire
  • Going from place to place, whether or not public places and offering goods or services, inviting offers, soliciting orders or carrying out any other transaction in relation to goods and services for sale or hire

If you require a permit you must submit a stallholder’s or trader’s application form to the City’s Health Service. In some instances, you may also require planning approval.

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