Collections of print material for those in the 9 – 17 years age group includes books, magazines, and graphic novels (comics).

Free e-resources (e-books, e-comics, e-magazines and e-audiobooks) are available via several sites and for non-readers there are also puzzles and games, puppets, music CDs, audio-books, and DVDs available for loan.

E-resources can be downloaded at home to your mobile device, or at the libraries using the free wifi, check out the Digital Library page for more information.

Console games

If you're looking for something to do outside of school hours, check out the console games available for library members to play. Why not bring a friend and see who wins! Game tournaments are also held from time to time, keep your eye on the What's on at the library page for details.

Searching for specific items

The library catalogue can be searched online to locate specific items, or just to browse. There are tips available to help you search more effectively. You can request any of the items you find (except reference items). If we don’t have the item you’re looking for we can try to source a copy through the Request and Information Service. There is no charge for this service but conditions are applicable. You can also suggest an item be considered for purchase.

What's next?

Here are some more ideas on what to read, watch, listen to, or play with, available from the library.