Foreign Languages

Learn another language or enjoy your original dialect. Resources including books, DVDs, and CDs, covering 35 languages other than English are available at the City's libraries. To search for items, click on the link at the bottom of the page.

English as a Second Language

Resources are available to assist in learning English as a second language at Knowledge Centre, Thornlie and Amherst libraries. English Conversation Classes are available for people wishing to improve their spoken English (click on the "Languages at the library" link). To search for English as a Second Language items, use the links below. 

Adult Literacy

The adult literacy collection, housed in the Language Lab at Knowledge Centre, contains books specially published for developing literacy levels. Or you can meet with a private tutor provided free by Read-Write-Now.  Follow the link below or call 1800 018 802 for further information.

Indigenous Resources

Resources featuring, or written by, Australian Aboriginals are available at each library. A special collection of audio recordings of interviews with local indigenous people is housed at the Local History Collection in the Knowledge Centre and items may be borrowed by library members.

Classes and conversation groups

Our libraries host conversation groups for people wishing to meet with others speaking their language. Groups currently running are Bahasa Buddies, French Friends, Grupo Espanol, and Mandarin Meet-up.  Follow the "Languages at the library" link below for more details. If you would like to start up your own language group please contact one of your local libraries.