The Computer School is an online computer and technology-based training centre, providing one of the largest and most diverse Technology Training Directories available anywhere. The site includes engaging and detailed tutorials and lessons covering an extensive and varied range of virtually all of today's most commonly used computer and technology-based programs, apps and devices, and most related topics.

 The site provides direct secure links to thousands of relevant (and practical) IT-based lessons and tutorials that have been systematically selected and 'sorted' by a team of highly trained educators, all accessible via this one very simple-to-use Technology Training Resource. Content is fully categorized, perfectly suited for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Simply select the modules and programs you are most interested in learning about and start exploring. It really is that easy!

You can browse the site for a full list of available products. Some of the most popular tutorials include:

  • Microsoft Windows and Office
  • Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign
  • Apple iphones, itunes and Mac
  • Android smartphones
  • Google Chrome, Gmail,
  • MYOB
  • Coding
  • Digital photography, music, coding, cyber safety, moodles

 You will need to use your City of Gosnells library card number to enter this site.