Document Type Abbreviation Points
Passport PP 70
Birth Certificate BC 70
Citizenship Certificate CC 70
Australian Driver’s Licence DL 70
 WA Photo-card PC 70
Working with Children Card WCC 70
Centrelink Card CRN 40
Tertiary Student I.D. TERT 40
Companion Card COMP 40
Mortgage / Rental Documents MRD 35
Rating Authority Notice RAN 35
Council Rates Notice RATES 35
ATM Card, Credit card, bank book ATM 30
Utility Bill UB 25
Letter from current employer EMP 25
Medicare Card MC 25
International Drivers Licence IDL 25
Marriage Certificate MAR 25
Library card from different council LC 25

Note –

  • At least one of the documents must include the current address.
  • one document must have the signature.
  • Original documents must be sighted, although one item may be provided electronically.
  • Only one of each type of document is acceptable.
  • Documents with an expiry date must be current.
  • The digital-only Libr-e-card does not require ID or proof of address.

Accepted ID for children, to prove relationship to parent / legal guardian.

Document Type Abbreviation
Birth Certificate BC
Passport PP
Centrelink Card that lists dependentS CRN
Foster Child Health Care Card FCH
Medicare Card MC