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Cultural Plan 2014 to 2016

"Culture in its widest sense defines what matters to people and communities. It is a way of connecting the present, past and future into a recognisable identity."
Department of Local Government NSW, Cultural Planning Guidelines.


In 2007, Council adopted its first Cultural Plan for the City of Gosnells.

The Cultural Plan was a result of extensive consultation and research to identify cultural aspects that the community valued and identified as unique to the local area.

In 2012 the City began the process of engaging and consulting with the community on how it now defines culture since the first Cultural Plan. The second Cultural Plan assumes a holistic view of culture that includes values and cultural identity, visual and performing arts and opportunities for participation in cultural practices. The Plan includes traditional concepts of the arts such as literature, visual arts, drama, dance and music, as well as heritage, traditions, values, cultural spaces, expression and identity.

Please use the link below to view the Cultural Plan.

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