Spencer Road Improvement Project – Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Spencer Road Improvement Project, to be undertaken in 2019/20 and 2020/21, will further increase safety and ease congestion on one of the City’s oldest and busiest roads.

The $3.3 million project – jointly funded by the City and the State Government’s Metropolitan Regional Road Group – will result in significant enhancements to the 850m section of Spencer Road between Hume Road and Regal Drive, Thornlie.

Currently, the road has four undivided lanes, with several intersecting roads and parallel service roads separated by narrow verges.

These intersections will be upgraded to make it safer for motorists travelling in both directions and will include installation of turning pockets for easier right and left turns to and from Spencer Road, as well as the creation of U-turns where needed.

Approximately 24,500 vehicles use this section of Spencer Road each day and in the last five years there have been 44 crashes reported in the area. 

Motorists and other road users are urged to be mindful of the roadworks, and slow down or take an alternative route if possible.

The scale of this project means there will be some interruption to road users during construction and the cooperation of motorists and residents is greatly appreciated.

Key aspects of project

  • City is currently finalising designs for a public consultation meeting in September 2019, with the City and all affected residents between Hume Road and Regal Drive. It is anticipated that this meeting will be held at the City’s Civic Centre.
  • An information flyer will also be sent to residents to give them an opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Several intersections of Spencer Road will be upgraded to include turning pockets for safer right and left turns to and from Spencer Road, as well as the creation of U-turns where needed.
  • Realignment of Spencer Road, including removal of the south side service road.
  • Installation of new street lighting, for increased visibility and security.
  • Working closely with the Public Transport Authority to modify the location of five bus stops and bring them to current standards.
  • Landscaping will be carried out towards the end of the project in 2020/21.

Timeframe – 2019/20 to 2020/21

  • Design – now to October 2019
  • Pre-construction activities – November 2019 to February 2020
  • Construction – from March 2020
  • Landscaping – June to August 2021


For queries or feedback, email us at council@gosnells.wa.gov.au or call 9397 3000.


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