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Amendment No. 110 to TPS 6 and associated Draft Development Contribution Plan Report

Proposal details

The Western Australian Planning Commission (on behalf of the Minister for Planning) has directed the City to modify Amendment No. 110 and readvertise the proposal together with an updated draft development contribution plan report.

The purpose of the amendment is to establish a development contribution plan which proposes to share the cost of common infrastructure works and public open space within Southern River Precinct 3. The development contribution plan provides for the cost of specific items of common infrastructure to be equitably distributed between all developing landowners within Precinct 3, with specific allowances for these items detailed in a development contribution plan report.

The development contribution plan report is not intended to form part of the amendment report. Its purpose is to provide details of the intended operation of the proposed development contribution plan. It sets out the items of infrastructure that are to be funded by the arrangement, their estimated cost, and how costs will be apportioned as developer contributions.

Submission on the modified amendment and updated development contribution plan report must be made in writing and submitted by Wednesday 7 December 2020. Any submission received will be considered as part of the determination process and your submission will be made publicly available in the Council Agenda, unless you have specifically requested that your submission remains anonymous


Key dates

Start date: Fri 23 Oct 2020
End date: Mon 7 Dec 2020

Plans and supporting documents

How can I comment

Any comments you wish to make about the proposal can be made using the online Submission Form below.

More information

The assessing officer for this application is: Future Planning

Contact details:

9397 3000

Online submssion form

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