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Mills Park conversion of tennis courts to multi-sport courts

Why is the City embarking on this project?

An assessment of the Mills Park tennis court hire from the opening of Mills Park in August 2016 to the 30 June 2019 shows the tennis court hire at Mills Park is low compared to the City’s other public tennis courts.

While tennis court use is low, the City is experiencing a demand for additional netball and basketball courts. The under-utilisation of the tennis courts at Mills Park and the undersupply of outdoor courts will be addressed with the conversion of three tennis courts to two multi-courts for basketball and netball.

What is the proposed design of the converted courts?

It is proposed to convert three of the four tennis courts to two multisport courts with markings for netball and basketball plus a general free play area. The free play space will include line marking for Four Square, Street Basketball (also known as 3 on 3), shade shelter and seating to encourage a variety of activities.

Locating the new courts next to the skate park will encourage interaction between the two recreational areas. The tennis court closest to the Mills Park Centre will remain.  The two multi-courts have been designed in compliance with the Australian Standards for run offs and buffers between the courts and boundary fencing.

The existing perimeter fencing will remain in situ preventing balls from entering the skate park and Brixton Street.  A new fence will be installed between the tennis court and multisport courts for safety.

What is the proposed timeframe for the project?

Construction has commenced with the new fencing, floodlighting upgrade, shade shelters and backboards underway.  The resurfacing and new line markings will be the final stage of the redevelopment that is expected to be completed by mid July.

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