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Ghost Walks

Ghost Walks is a popular annual program that takes participants on a fully guided 5.5km moon lit walk along a well-marked bush track to explore the history of the Mason and Bird Timber Mill Company and the bustling community that thrived there in the 1860’s.

Participants will meet friendly ghost performers (all volunteers) who tell tales of life as it was, living in the village at Hills Station, which was built to support the mill workers and their families. An historic bridge still remains in the area which was part of the gravity powered, horse drawn railway that was built by the convicts to transport the timber down to Maud’s Landing in Cannington.

Ghost walks is a wonderful mix of entertainment, bush walking, enjoying the local environment by night with views of the Perth city lights and a fun way of learning local history. The walks are suitable for moderately fit individuals, families and social groups. Events are held monthly between October and March with 4 walks each evening, catering for 100 – 120 participants each night.

The walks attract participants from the local area as well as wider Perth and country areas. There have also been many visitors from overseas.

The program would suit sponsors that have a local history within the Cities of Gosnells and Canning, have an interest in outdoor activities, historical performances, or a link to the timber, horse and rail industries..

Eco Adventures

Eco Adventures provides opportunities for the community to take part in recreational activities in local natural areas. It gives organisations such as Department of Sport and Recreation an opportunity to promote their services to the wider community. 

Eco Adventures targets specific objectives including promoting and providing active outdoor adventure activities within the confines of the natural rehabilitated environment. The program delivers different to normal recreational activities currently available within the community and provides an opportunity for local people to learn about the City’s natural environmental wonders.

This program attracts over 500 of the local community that are seeking more active pursuits and therefore is a great sponsorship opportunity for local small businesses to market products and services to a niche market.


The Lifeball program is for men and women aged over 50 years, who are keen to improve fitness, balance, strength, coordination, flexibility and mobility. This safe, non-contact game is played at a walking pace and is enjoyed by everyone who participates. Lifeball gives seniors the opportunity to socialise and make new friends in a safe and friendly environment.

The City is offering sponsorship to like minded businesses to support this great innovative program. 

City Programs Booklet

The City programs booklet provides a summary of Term programs available in the local community, upcoming community events, volunteering opportunities and information on local city facilities.

Programs are available for:

  • Babies and Toddlers
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • All ages

The City of Gosnells is always seeking like minded sponsors to support our program booklet. The City Programs Booklet is developed and distributed every School Term and is delivered to over 40,000 residential addresses within the City of Gosnells. It is a great medium level sponsorship opportunity for which the City seeks two sponsors each year. If you are interested in sponsoring this great initiative that has stood the test of time, the City Sponsorship Officer would like to hear from you.

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