Volunteer Recognition

Training and support category

This sponsorship assists community organisations with training and development opportunities for volunteers and administrators and celebration and anniversary events for club and community groups.

When are applications due?

  • The City coordinates two rounds of sponsorship per year in March and August.

What projects will be supported?

  • Coaching accreditation courses;
  • Training for volunteers and administrators;
  • Obtaining incorporation for a community group.
  • A celebratory event for past and present members and volunteers of an organisation that reaches a significant milestone.
  • An event that recognises volunteers efforts

What is not eligible?

  • Training that has been completed before sponsorship is endorsed;
  • Celebration events that are not open to the community

Who can apply?

  • Not for profit, incorporated clubs/community groups/organisations

How much can I apply for?

  • Up to $1000 (100% of total project costs)

Who do I contact?

  • Coordinator Leisure Planning on 9397 3109 or email.
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