Use of City of Gosnells community advertising banner sites


Five banner sites are located at various locations within the City of Gosnells that are available for use by approved organisations wanting to publicise forthcoming events, activities or campaigns. Applicants can request to use one or multiple banner sites, as follows:

  1. 2120 Albany Hwy, Gosnells (front of City of Gosnells Civic Centre)
  2. Cnr Albany Hwy and The Crescent, Gosnells (Longies Park)
  3. Cnr Spencer Road & Burslem Drive, Gosnells
  4. Warton Rd, Southern River (front of Amherst Village Library)
  5. Cnr Garden St & Nicholson Rd, Canning Vale

Priority will be given to events, activities or campaigns which:

  • increase visits to the City;
  • promote the City of Gosnells;
  • provide direct or indirect benefits to the City;
  • are provided by non-profit organisations, community and sporting bodies;
  • are related to local tourism;
  • have a public art value;
  • promote commercial advertising in the form of sponsorship of community initiatives;
  • do not contain material of a political, racial, religious or offensive nature.


The types of events, activities or campaigns that can be advertised at these sites include:

  • Community open days (excludes school open days)
  • Community events and festivals
  • Community health and wellness campaigns
  • Commemorative events (e.g. ANZAC Day)
  • Celebratory weeks (e.g. Volunteer Week).


  • Bookings are to be made in writing to the Community Events Officer via email to events@gosnells.wa.gov.au or by calling 9397 3111. An application form is available through the related link below.
  • The hire of the banner sites is subject to the applicant paying the prescribed ‘Sign Approval Permit Fee’ listed in the City’s Schedule of Fees and Charges (unless the City is a partner to the event or activity). See the related link below for more information. Bookings can only be made for periods of up to two weeks only.
  • The decision of the City on usage of the banner sites will be final, and will be dependent on availability.
  • Permission will be granted on a first come first served basis, prioritising City events firstly, partner events and community run events in that order.
  • Banners must be removed within two days after booking end date.

Design Specifications

  • The banner sites are designed to display banners measuring 3m long x 1m high.
  • A high standard of design presentation is required to ensure that banners are complementary to the City’s streetscape and its public amenity.
  • Banner messages and graphics must be congruent and not conflict with the City of Gosnells Strategic Vision.
  • As a guide, advertising (sponsorship details) on banners should be limited to about 25% of the total banner area.
  • Messages must be concise, visually pleasing and readable by pedestrians and motorists.
  • Banners must be made of non-rip flexible fabric with sufficient tie points to attach banner to the nominated locations. 
  • Details of the banner specifications have to be complied with in order to make possible the display of the banners. All banners must be certified by a banner manufacturer as complying with the City’s specifications.
  • Banner graphics should be one-sided.
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