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Sponsorship & Grant Writing

Many community groups and sporting clubs find it difficult to apply for funding and local business sponsorship, either due to the time it takes or the skills required to put together an application or proposal.

The City has developed a set of workshop presentations for you to read and follow to assist in developing your sponsorship proposals to local businesses and grant applications to funding bodies.

Community Workshop 1 - Sponsorship Proposal – Preparation

This document provides guidance on what to consider when planning a sponsorship proposal to a local business for cash or in kind support for your event, program or project.

Community Workshop 2 - Sponsorship Proposal – Writing

Here you receive tips on how to formulate the proposal and supporting documents to present to a prospective sponsor.

Community Workshop 2 - Sponsorship Proposal – Steps

This provides succinct steps to follow for a Sponsorship proposal development, presentation and negotiation.

Community Workshop 3 - Grants - Preparation & Writing

This document provides guidance on the preparation required for the development and writing of a professional Grant or Funding application.

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