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Competition Sponsorships

Unfortunately, the City of Gosnells is unable to accept any further Competition Sponsorship applications for International and State competitions at this time.

This is in response to a number of travel provisions in place and the cancellation of large sporting events as a result of Federal and State Government efforts to limit the impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). For applicants who have already applied for the Competition Sponsorship, we will be in touch with you individually. As the situation changes we will amend our competition sponsorship program accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

What are Competition Sponsorships?

Sponsorship is awarded to support individuals who have achieved State or National selection. Applicants must provide a letter by their recognised State Sporting Association or National Governing Organisation.

Applications for Competition Sponsorships can be accepted at any time throughout the year.

Am I eligible?

Applicants must have been selected to represent Western Australia or Australia by a recognised State, National or International organisation. Where no relevant State, National or International organisation exists, a clear selection process at State, National or International level must be demonstrated. Where applicants have been self-selected to attend competitions or similar, this will not be funded.

Sponsorship is not awarded for:

  • Retrospective applications (applicant has already represented the State or Country)
  • Inclusions into teams that are not recognised by the applicants governing body, such as club or school representative teams

How can I apply?

 As the situation changes, we will amend our competition sponsorship program accordingly.

You can review the Community Funding guidelines here.

How much can I receive?

Competition Sponsorships are awarded in the following three categories:

  • State Competition/Event
    Successful applicants will receive $150 to represent either the State or Country at a competition/ event held intrastate (anywhere in Western Australia)
  • National Competition/Event
    Successful applicants will receive $200 to represent either the State or Country at a competition/ event held interstate (anywhere in Australia, excluding Western Australia)
  • International Competition/Event
    Successful applicants will receive $250 to represent either the State or Country at a competition/ event held overseas.

Individuals are eligible to apply for one representation per financial year.

Sponsorship is not just for sport

Whilst the majority of applications support residents who are representing Western Australia in their chosen sport, sponsorship is not limited to just sport.

The City supports individuals in their chosen field of endeavour such as arts and culture, educational and music disciplines. Recently, the City has supported residents to represent Western Australia and/or Australia at International Music Festivals, Educational Tours and Cultural exchanges.

For more information please contact the City's Club Development Officer on 9397 3124 or email.  

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