Eco walks and talks



Please note: The Eco Walks and Talks Program is conducted during the cooler months.  The 2018 Eco Walks and Talks brochure is available now.  

Discover the natural wonders in your own backyard. Experience nature at it's best with guided walks in the City's nature reserves.

View the wildflowers in peak season, hunt for insects, fish and frogs in the wetlands or be amazed by what comes out after dark.

Ellis Brook Valley

Ellis Brook Valley is recognised as one of the best wildflower areas in Perth, with over 550 species found and catalogued. Situated in the Darling Range, Ellis Brook Valley has a seasonally flowing brook and supports an array of native animals, birds and insects.

See related links below to download the Ellis Brook Valley brochure.

Mary Carroll Park

Mary Carroll Park is one of Perth's major breeding wetlands. Found in the heart of Gosnells, this park is a haven to a variety of waterbirds, songbirds, reptiles and turtles. Migratory birds, including Rainbow Bee-Eaters, visit the park every spring.

Brixton Street Wetlands

Brixton Street Wetlands is an extraordinary mixture of wetlands containing over 320 plant species. Located on a very flat waterlogged Pinjarra Plain that lies at the base of the Darling Range, the wetlands are habitat for the Quenda (Southern Brown Bandicoot), waterbirds and many native terrestrial and aquatic animals.

Eco Walks and Talks Brochure

The Eco Walks and Talks program is conducted during the cooler months. The new program is now available below through the related link.

Friends Groups

The Friends groups work to rehabilitate, preserve and maintain the natural environment for the benefit and well being of the natural flora and fauna. Friends groups undertake many activities including; revegetation, weed control, education, litter clean up, seed collecting and walks.

For further enquiries and to book please contact the City of Gosnells on 9397 3000 or email

Eco walks and talks events

  • Ellis brook valley nature view

    28 October 2018: Nature Rambles

    Enjoy a guided walk through Ellis Brook Valley with naturalist Marc Lane while experiencing the spectacular bush reserve.

    See address below, Darling Range Wildlife Shelter (east end of Hayward Road), Martin, WA

  • calytrix breviseta

    20 October 2018: Triggerplants at Brixton Street and Beyond

    Dr Juliet Wedge is a Senior Research Scientist at the Western Australian Herbarium and a taxonomic expert on the triggerplant genus Stylidium, a large and extraordinary group of plants that know how to pack a punch.

    See address below, Brixton Street Wetlands, Kenwick, WA

  • Sprouts

    21 October 2018: Natures Pantry

    Learn how to turn your garden or natural environment into your personal pantry.

    See address below, Mary Carroll Park, Gosnells, WA

  • Bird spoonbill

    11 November 2018: Breakfast with the Birds

    Enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast whilst immersing yourself within the stunning birdlife of Mary Carroll.

    See address below, Mary Carroll Park, Gosnells, WA

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