Eco Trek your way around the beautiful city with our guided walk series program that highlights the existing walk trails within the City of Gosnells, particularly in local environmental and art and cultural hub areas. 

Ellis Brook Valley

Ellis Brook Valley is recognised as one of the best wildflower areas in Perth, with over 550 species found and catalogued. Situated in the Darling Range, Ellis Brook Valley has a seasonally flowing brook and supports an array of native animals, birds and insects.

Mary Carroll Park

Mary Carroll Park is one of Perth's major breeding wetlands. Found in the heart of Gosnells, this park is a haven to a variety of water birds, songbirds, reptiles and turtles. Migratory birds, including Rainbow Bee-Eaters, visit the park every spring.

Friends of Groups

Some of the Eco Treks are run by local friends groups. The Friends groups work to rehabilitate, preserve and maintain the natural environment for the benefit and well being of the natural flora and fauna. Friends groups undertake many activities including; revegetation, weed control, education, litter clean up, seed collecting and walks.

For further enquiries about Eco Treks please contact the City of Gosnells on 9397 3000 or email.

In partnership with Friends of Mary Carroll Wetland

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