Q - If I don’t have a credit card how can I enrol?
A -
Come to the City of Gosnells Civic Centre, 2120 Albany Highway, Gosnells, to book and make cash payment at Customer Service.

Q - I have a Credit Card but don’t like to use it online can I pay over the phone?
A -
Yes, call the City’s Contact Centre on 9397 3000 for phone bookings and payments.

Q - I will miss the first few weeks of term do I have to pay for the whole term?
A - 
Please visit the City's Booking System or call the City’s Contact Centre on 9397 3000 when you are ready to attend, you can book mid-term and will be charged only for the classes remaining. Please note that this can only occur if there are spaces available in the class.

Q - Are we able to make-up classes we miss during the term on another day?
A -
No, make-up classes are not available.

Q - I am unsure if the program will suit my child, can I do a trial class?
A -
Yes, trial classes are offered throughout the term if spaces are available (Note: many of our classes do book out). To book a trial class call 9397 3000 or email familyservices@gosnells.wa.gov.au 

Trial classes also run during the school holidays, however, bookings are required. Please keep an eye out for these via the Trials of Children's Programs page or the City's Children and Families facebook page

Q - My child is 13 months old, should I enrol in the 9 – 15 months Tumble Tots class or 1 – 2 year class?
A -
The program has an overlap for these two age groups to allow for variation in child development.  Generally if your child is walking confidently they will be best in the 1 – 2 year class.

Q - Are there age restrictions on any programs?
A -
Yes as follows

  • Tumble Tots - is based on development, as well as age, so it is possible to book into a class above or below your child’s age at the discretion of the instructors.
  • Kindamania 3 – 5 years        Must be at least 3 years of age on enrolment.
  • Active Kids 3 – 5 years         Must be at least 3 years of age on enrolment.

Q - If I book into a class that is not suited to my child can I change classes during the term?
A -
Yes, provided there are places available you can switch classes at any time during the term Discuss this with the instructors at the class and they will notify the program coordinator or call 9397 3000 or email familyservices@gosnells.wa.gov.au

Q - How long is a Tumble Tots Class and what do they do?
A -
All Tumble Tots classes are for one hour, which includes 15 minutes free play at the beginning. The structured class time consists of action songs with music, an extensive climbing circuit, musical instrument and themed play ending with group games. Each of the components varies according to the age group of the class to enhance development accordingly.

Q - What is the difference between Tumble Tots, Kindamania and Active Kids?
A -
Kindamania and Active Kids classes are also for one hour with a 15 minute free play at the beginning.

  • Kindamania activities are based on exploring a new theme each week. Themes include Role Play, Building and Construction, Senses, Sport, Coordination, Music, Living Things, Fitness, Craft, Colours and Shapes.
  • Active Kids activities are based on practicing and developing children's fundamental movement skills and encouraging an enjoyment of being active through play.

Q - If my child is ill for an extended period of time can I get a credit or refund for the classes we miss?
A -
Please refer to the cancellation policy. Please note that each case will be considered individually. If you would like to make an enquiry please contact Customer Service on 9397 3000 or email familyservices@gosnells.wa.gov.au