Draft Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme

Council has prepared a new draft Local Planning Strategy (Strategy) and Local Planning Scheme (Scheme) for the district of the City of Gosnells.

Draft Local Planning Strategy

The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (the Regulations) require local governments to prepare a Strategy for each Scheme that is approved for land within its district. The Strategy is required to:

  • set out the long term planning direction for the local government; and
  • apply any State or regional planning policy that is relevant to the strategy; and
  • provide the rationale for any zoning or classification of land under the Scheme.

Council currently does not have an overarching Strategy, however has approved several planning strategies relating to specific areas of planning in the district including:

The draft Strategy consolidates the findings and recommendations of each the above strategies and provides strategic direction and a framework for local planning in the City of Gosnells. The Strategy builds upon the City’s Community Plan (2015 – 2025) and the Western Australian Planning Commission’s (WAPC) State Planning Framework, and aims to:

  • Establish and document the rationale for the zoning, reservation of land, development and associated scheme provisions to undertake orderly and proper planning.
  • Provide a strategic framework for assessment and decision-making in relation to proposed scheme amendments, subdivision and development.
  • Identify the need for further studies within the City to address longer term strategic planning and development issues.
  • Provide a flexible and robust framework that can readily adapt to forecast growth in the City and changing community expectations as they arise.
  • Ensure consistency with State Government planning strategies, sub-regional structure plans and planning policies

View the Draft Local Planning Strategy – August 2017.

Local Planning Scheme No. 24

The Regulations require local governments to review their Scheme every five years. Council at its meeting of 26 April 2017 endorsed a report on the review of TPS 6. This report recommended that several amendments be made to TPS 6. Due to the substantive nature of the amendments required, Council has prepared a new Local Planning Scheme No. 24 (LPS 24) to replace TPS 6.

LPS 24 is proposed to replace TPS 6 as the principal statutory planning tool for controlling land use and development in the City of Gosnells. LPS 24 has been prepared in the context of the Regulations (model provisions) and incorporates the relevant strategies and actions proposed in the Strategy. LPS 24 builds on the successful foundations of TPS 6, and proposes the following key changes:

  • New model provision reservations, zones and land uses as established by the Regulations. 
  • Increasing the base minimum residential density code from R17.5 to R20.
  • Increasing the residential density in activity centres, immediately adjacent to train stations, and within the walkable catchment of those activity centres and train stations.
  • The introduction of several development requirements relating to minimum and bonus densities; built form and open space for commercial development.
  • The introduction of minimum lot sizes for rural areas; land use control in quarry buffer areas.
  • The requirement to obtain development approval for development abutting areas of Public Open Space, and in areas affected by noise from Perth Airport.  
  • The rationalisation of industrial zonings in activity centres and adjacent to residential areas (where appropriate).
  • The exclusion of incompatible land uses in the Orange Grove and Martin areas and renaming the applicable zoning to accord with the Regulations.
  • Normalising several structure plan areas that have been substantially developed through apply appropriate zonings and reservations.

Council decision

Council at its meeting of 12 September 2017 considered the draft Strategy and the draft LPS 24. Council resolved to adopt the documents for the purposes of advertising and referral to the WAPC and State Government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Authority and Heritage Council of WA.

Local Planning Strategy:

The Statutory Planning Committee at its meeting held on 31 July 2018 resolved to:
1. consider the modification to the local planning strategy, in accordance with the attached Schedule of Modifications is required;
2. subject to the above modifications being satisfactorily undertaken, certify that the local planning strategy is consistent with regulation 11(2) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015;
3. authorise Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage officers to review the modifications to ensure they have been satisfactorily undertaken and execute the documents accordingly, prior to the advertising of the local planning strategy; and
4. the local planning strategy, upon completion of the modifications and review of the modifications by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is to be advertised in accordance with regulation 13 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

The City is now updating the draft Strategy. Subject to WAPC approval of the modified document, the Strategy is expected to be advertised for public comment in early to mid 2019

Local Planning Scheme No. 24:

The WAPC has not formally assessed this document at this time. The WAPC is expected to review and formally consider the Scheme in late 2018 or early 2019.
The Scheme is expected to be advertised in early to mid 2019.



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