Building approval for strata subdivision

Building approval is required for all buildings included on a proposed ‘built’ strata scheme. The information below outlines how to obtain building approval as part of the subdivision process. For application forms and information sheets, and for information about the overall subdivision process, refer to the Related Links below.

NOTE: Strata approval cannot be used in place of other required approvals. Strata approval does not authorise the occupancy or use of a building, nor does it grant approval for unauthorised structures.

Types of strata title

There are two types of strata title: built strata and survey strata. The information below relates to built strata subdivision, which relates to the boundaries of existing buildings on sites. Other areas on a built strata plan, such as common driveways and private gardens may be held in common or assigned to a specific title for exclusive use. In contrast, a survey strata relates to land area and does not require the site to be developed in order to obtain a strata plan.

Making an application

The type of application required depends on the buildings involved. An application for building approval certificate – strata (form BA15) is required for Class 1 and Class 10 buildings, while an application for occupancy permit – strata (form BA11) is required for Class 2 to 9 buildings.

Either application must include a certificate of building compliance (form BA18) from a registered building surveying contractor. The BA18 confirms that the building substantially complies with the applicable building standards and must reference plans, specifications and technical documents that confirm compliance. The City’s Building Services branch offers a certification service and may be engaged to provide the BA18. For more information about this service, refer to the Related Links below.

Applications must be submitted online through the City’s portal. Applications must include one copy of all required documents, including an application for verge permit, if required.  A tax invoice will be emailed to the applicant for the payment of the application fees. Incomplete applications risk refusal and will not be accepted. Large applications, such as commercial developments, must also be submitted through the City's online portal. Refer to the Related Links below for application forms, fees, checklists and document specifications.

Determining an application

The City must determine a built strata application within 10 business days. Applications are assessed for compliance with the Building Act 2011 (WA) and the applicable building standards. If an application complies a permit is issued, but if an application does not comply it may be refused. If further information is required a formal request may be made in writing (email or letter) and the information is to be provided within 21 calendar days to avoid refusal. The applicant and property owner/s will be advised of the application outcome in writing.

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