Trial to improve school traffic safety in Thornlie

Published on Tuesday 29 May, 2018

Discovery Drive Thornlie bollards web.jpg

Bollards installed by the City of Gosnells along Discovery Drive in Thornlie last week are part of a trial to improve school traffic safety.

With three schools nearby – South Thornlie Primary School, Thornlie Senior High School and Sacred Heart Primary School – the stretch of road on Discovery Drive between Ovens Road and Ambassador Court has been subject to congestion problems at the start and finish of each school day.

City of Gosnells Mayor Glenn Dewhurst said the bollards will ensure drivers exiting adjacent school car parks can only turn left onto Discovery Drive.

“By allowing only left-hand turns, we reduce the likelihood of accidents and improve traffic flow along the road and in school car parks,” he said.

“While we understand the bollards may cause some inconvenience to drivers, we strongly believe the benefits to students’ safety are paramount.”

The bollards will remain in place for six months before the City reassesses their effectiveness. Drivers who would normally have turned right onto Discovery Drive can travel a short distance down the road to turn at a roundabout.

Mayor Dewhurst said the bollards were the result of lengthy negotiations with the three schools.

“Thanks must go to South Thornlie Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School and Thornlie Senior High School for their ongoing support during this process,” he said.

“We know children are still learning road rules and are more likely to be distracted or excited as they enter or leave school, and so effectively managing traffic around schools is essential.”

The installation of the bollards comes after the recent Mayor’s Safer School Parking Forum, at which schools and other stakeholders gathered to brainstorm school parking and traffic safety solutions. Feedback from the forum will be shared with participants this week.