Safety requirements around Helitacs

Published on Friday 16 February, 2018

Safety requirements around helitacs.jpg

Now the bushfire season is in full swing, the City of Gosnells has reminded members of the community to stay clear of Helitacs when they are being refilled with water for firefighting.

Mayor Glenn Dewhurst warned that crowds gathering around water sources used to reload the Helitacs posed a significant risk to the pilots and themselves.

“Each year, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services airborne firefighting fleet is called on to help ground crews to extinguish bushfires,” Mayor Dewhurst said.

“Understandably, the Helitacs attract a lot of attention from the public and children are particularly fascinated by the way they operate.

“Unfortunately, if there are lots of people on the ground around a lake, dam, river or other water source used for reloading the Helitacs, this creates a hazard for the aerial fire crew, and in some cases, they are forced to leave and find an alternative water source.

“We advise people to keep right away in these circumstances, and to let the firefighters get on with their job.”

Information about fire safety and hazard reduction is available on the City’s website at www.gosnells.wa.gov.au or www.dfes.wa.gov.au.