Rescue a first for Ranger

Published on Wednesday 10 January, 2018

Ranger James and echidna

Rangers are often asked to perform odd tasks, but a City of Gosnells Ranger went above and beyond to handle a prickly situation during the Christmas period.

After a City staff member spotted an echidna stuck in an irrigation pipe in the City’s Civic Centre gardens, nearby Ranger James was quick to don his gloves and come to the rescue.

Although rescuing wildlife is not part of a Ranger's normal role, James was happy to help as he was in the area and the echidna might not have survived otherwise.

“It’s unusual to see echidnas even in remote areas, so I was really surprised to see one in a suburban area,” Ranger James said.

“Hopefully he steers clear of any more irrigation pipes from now on.”

Although the echidna appeared unharmed, the City contacted Wildcare and was advised to take it to the Darling Range Wildlife Centre. Once there, the echidna received a check-up, was found to be in good health and was later released back into the wild.

Anyone who finds injured wildlife should contact their local wildlife rescue centre.