Reducing fire hazards on your property

Published on Monday 3 December, 2018

Home owners and occupiers in the City of Gosnells face possible fines up to $5,000 if they fail to keep their home free of potential fire hazards throughout the bushfire season.

Under the City’s Fire Hazard Reduction Notice, land owners or occupiers must ensure they comply with the specific requirements for their property.

Owners or occupiers of General Rural or Special Rural land must clear flammable materials to less than 10cm, or maintain a firebreak immediately inside all external boundaries.

Firebreaks at least 3m wide, with 4m vertical clearance, are also required within 20m of all haystacks and stockpiled flammable matter.

For other property types, flammable material must be cleared to below 10cm throughout the year.

Flammable material includes prunings, cardboard, wood, paper, general rubbish and other combustible material, plus vegetation other than living trees, shrubs, plants and lawns.

If residents don’t comply with the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice, Fire Control Officers are authorised to carry out the required work and recover the costs from the owner or occupier.

The City’s Mayor Glenn Dewhurst said officers carried out firebreak and fire hazard inspections of properties within the City each year, to minimise the risk of bushfires.

“The City’s Bush Fire Brigade has completed a number of prescribed burns to reduce fuel loads in preparation for summer and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has undertaken some large fuel reduction burns in the Darling Scarp – it’s important that local residents also play their part in reducing the risk of fires.

“Firebreaks provide safe access to a property for emergency vehicles and ensure fire does not travel under the vehicles or underfoot. They are a vital part of bushfire management.”

Fire Hazard Reduction Notices are sent out with Rates Notices each year and copies are available on the City’s website at www.gosnells.wa.gov.au.

A list of contractors who may be able to assist landowners to comply with the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice is also available from the City by calling 9397 3000.