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Local school applauded for safer parking practices

Published on Wednesday 7 August, 2019

Langford Islamic College School Parking.jpg

Langford Islamic College, in the City of Gosnells has been recognised for its efforts in improving safety around parking in the school zone. 

The College has recently implemented a range of parking and traffic management strategies to help improve traffic flow and safety for the students and parents at the school.  

The City of Gosnells is running an ongoing Safer School Parking campaign to remind schools, drivers and pedestrians of the importance of safe parking and traffic management in school zones.

College Principal, Dr Popie Rhaman said the sudden influx of cars and pedestrians around drop-off and pick-up times posed challenges for the school community.   

“One of our primary goals was to improve traffic flow in the streets that adjoin the school,” she said.

“By introducing one-way turning out of the main carpark, we were able to significantly reduce the bank-up of traffic in the carpark and street.

“We have also encouraged parents to drop off children along Norbury Way, on the school side of the road, where students can avoid crossing a busy street.”

Dr Rhaman said ongoing communication with parents has also played an important role in improving traffic and parking around the school.   

“The reminders that parents receive from their children about safe parking measures are often the most effective way to get the message home,” she said.

“Of course, we include reminders in the newsletter and at school assemblies, but parents receive so much communication from the school that educating students about safe parking practices is often the best way to get positive results.”

Other strategies implemented by the school included the building of a new 111 bay carpark, the introduction of a staggered pick-up time for kindy students and increasing the number of school employees to direct traffic in key locations around the school.   

Mayor Glenn Dewhurst said the measures taken by the school are a great example of some of the simple steps that can be taken to improve safety.  

“Parking and traffic management are significant issues at many of our schools, but for the situation to improve, schools, drivers, pedestrians and the City must work side by side,” Mayor Dewhurst said.

“Our Rangers consistently monitor parking across the City, but issuing fines alone won’t solve the problem, and our Rangers can’t be everywhere at once.

“The simple steps that Langford Islamic College has taken has had big results in improving the safety of students at the school.”

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