Gone in Less Than 60 Seconds survey

Published on Monday 13 November, 2017

Gone In Less Than 60 Seconds

Have you seen or heard about the Gone in Less Than 60 Seconds initiative, which aims to raise awareness about theft from motor vehicles?

If so, you have the chance to win a dash cam by taking part in a survey about the campaign.

The City of Gosnells is one of seven South East Metropolitan local governments that have been working with local police to raise awareness of theft from motor vehicles.

The Gosnells Safe City team and WA police hosted displays at local shopping centres to spread the message about removing valuables such as handbags and phones from cars, so that thieves are not tempted to break in.

As part of the campaign, a clearly marked vehicle displayed a range of items commonly stolen from cars, including the message ‘Remove it or lose it’. Televisions displayed CCTV footage of real life thefts that occurred in less than 60 seconds.

Mayor Glenn Dewhurst said it was shocking to realise that a car could be broken into and valuable personal items stolen in less than a minute.

“The Gone in Less Than 60 Seconds campaign is designed to make the community a safer place and reduce theft,” Mayor Dewhurst said.

“I speak with many people who have had items stolen from their vehicles.

“On the surface it sounds minor, but the loss of valuable and sentimental items and the inconvenience of arranging replacements can be frustrating and deeply upsetting.”

Murdoch University is assisting the seven participating local governments by undertaking the survey to evaluate the project.

To take part in the survey, visit