Four-year revegetation program starts at Yule Brook

Published on Thursday 1 June, 2017

People planting trees at Yule Brook

Work has begun on a four-year $400,000 plan by the City of Gosnells to rejuvenate Yule Brook and the wetlands surrounding the newly developed Mills Park in Beckenham.

Initially, around 10,000 plants will be planted in May and June as part of the City’s Wetland Management Plan for Mills Park.

City of Gosnells Mayor Olwen Searle said members of SERCUL – the South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare – were working with the City to plant a range of native species to revegetate the Yule Brook floodplain.

“This is the first autumn-winter planting window since the completion of Mills Park, so it is our first opportunity to begin important rehabilitation work,” the Mayor said.

“More than 40 varieties of native wetland species will be planted to restore the area, as close as possible, to its original condition.”

The City has selected riparian species based on nearby references, such as the Brixton Street Wetlands, to create a plant range similar to what would have naturally grown at the site hundreds of years ago, before any disturbances or changes in land use.

This understorey planting will complement the many existing marri, flooded gums and paperbark trees at Mills Park.

In the lead-up to this first round of planting, the City’s Parks and Environment team spent weeks clearing the site of foreign material to prepare the extensive area.

“Yule Brook runs through the heart of the City’s 6 Star Green Star rated Mills Park redevelopment and, as a leading example of environmental sustainability, it is fitting that such a comprehensive approach has been taken to this wetland rehabilitation project,” the Mayor added.

The City’s Wetland Management Plan for Mills Park involves various ongoing activities over a four-year period, including revegetation and weed management, with regular assessment to ensure the long-term viability of Yule Brook.