Deadline approaching for pet owners

Published on Friday 29 September, 2017

Pet Registrations

Pet owners in the City of Gosnells are being urged to check their dogs and cats are registered with up-to-date details before the renewal deadline on 31 October.

Pet registration renewals can be completed in person or online, along with any changes to pets’ details such as proof of microchipping, desexing, change of address or change of owners’ contact details.

City of Gosnells Chief Executive Officer Ian Cowie said registrations were an important part of responsible pet ownership.

“City Rangers take a great deal of pride in reuniting lost pets with their owners, which is made faster and less stressful when animals are properly registered with current contact information,” Mr Cowie said.

“Registering your dog or cat is as much a part of caring for your pet as providing a safe and secure yard or home, and cleaning up after your pet in public places.”

All dogs older than three months must be microchipped and registered. All cats must be microchipped, desexed and registered from the age of six months.

Animals can be registered for one year, three years or for the life of the animal. Penalties apply for owners or carers of animals found to be unregistered.

Owners are also reminded their dogs must be kept on a leash when in public places, including most local parks. This minimises the chance of dogs being injured by cars or bicycles, being spooked and running off or causing concern to other people and their animals.

However, the City of Gosnells provides several off-leash dog exercise areas where owners can let their dogs run about, provided they are under ‘effective control’. A dog is under ‘effective control’ responds to commands, remains a reasonable distance from their owner, isn’t threatening or aggressive towards other people or animals, doesn’t damage flora or fauna and doesn’t enter waterways.