City tops customer service awards

Published on Wednesday 31 October, 2018

Customer Service awards

For City of Gosnells employee Carmen Roberts, being a national award-winning Customer Service Officer (CSO) was not something she had planned.

But after changing roles in 2016 to work as a CSO at the City’s new Contact Centre, Carmen has gone on to win the Customer Service Individual Award at the 2018 National Local Government Customer Service Awards in Brisbane, earlier this month.

Carmen transferred from the administration office at the Operations Centre in Maddington to the Civic Centre in Gosnells to join a new team established to handle all calls, emails and over-the-counter enquires. She was hesitant about leaving her previous workplace of 20 years.

“After a big learning curve, and an awful lot of fun, I realised that although change is hard, it just takes some attitude adjustment and it has all been so worthwhile,” Carmen said.

“Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.”

Carmen’s Team Leader, Jordie Craig, who also received high commendation in the Customer Service Team Leader of the Year category, said Carmen’s high level of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy allowed her to remain calm and composed in all situations.

“She is genuinely positive and empathetic towards our customers, even if someone’s very irate, and she has a knack for asking the right questions to delve deeper and find the root cause of a customer’s concern,” Jordie added.

“Carmen is also very adaptable, being one of only three CSOs who have the skills to work in all of our customer service areas. She’s a real asset to our team and our customers.”

City of Gosnells Mayor Glenn Dewhurst praised Carmen and Jordie’s success, saying acknowledgement of their work was well-deserved.

“Dealing with public queries can be challenging. It requires a lot of patience, a broad knowledge of everything we do at the City and a great attitude – my congratulations to both Carmen and Jordie for outstanding results at a national level,” Mayor Dewhurst said.