City signs up to Dial Before You Dig

Published on Thursday 4 January, 2018

Dial Before You Dig

Contractors about to undertake work in the City of Gosnells can now access additional maps and information about the City’s drainage system by contacting Dial Before You Dig.

Since the City of Gosnells became an official listed member of Dial Before You Dig late last year, an average 24 requests have been received through the system each day.

When a contractor contacts Dial Before You Dig by calling 1100, they now receive an email directing them to the City’s online mapping website, where they can view and print any of the City’s drainage system plans and information. This is in addition to the information they would have always received from utility service providers.

City of Gosnells Mayor Glenn Dewhurst said it seemed a simple change to become an official listed member of Dial Before You Dig, but the change would benefit the community significantly.

“Based on the current rate of enquiries, around 7,500 requests for information will be made in a full year,” Mayor Dewhurst said.

Anyone about to undertake excavation work in the City of Gosnells is encouraged to contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100. The City’s interactive mapping is available on the website at