City of Gosnells 2021/22 Budget adopted

Published on Wednesday 7 July, 2021

Civic Centre at night

Keeping a cap on rates and rubbish charges, while still delivering an impressive range of services and infrastructure enhancements, is the main focus of the City of Gosnells 2021/22 Budget.

Mayor David Goode said after keeping the rate increase to zero last financial year, prudent financial management has enabled the City to keep the rate and rubbish charge increase on the average Rate Notice to just $2 for the whole year.

“We are very pleased that we have been able to reduce waste charges, while actual rates will increase by 1%.  The combined impact results in an overall increase of 0.1%, or $2 on the average rate bill,” he said.

However, the total increase on ratepayers’ Rate Notices will be higher because local governments are required to collect the Emergency Services Levy and pay it to the State Government. This year, the State Government has increased the levy by 4.25%.

Mayor Goode said the City’s $35 million capital expenditure program was boosted by significant grants from the Federal and State governments, and would continue to stimulate the economy and create local employment opportunities.

“It is worthwhile noting that in 2011 the City had 41,914 rateable properties, and a decade later, this number has increased by 6,631, to 48,545 rateable properties,” he said.

“This means we have more roads and drainage, more parks and more infrastructure to build and maintain.

“This is a sensible, well planned budget that continues to deliver for the City’s growing population.

“It also continues a long period of modest rate increases, with the average increase over the last five years just 1.35% per annum.”

Support for ratepayers experiencing financial difficulties will continue.  People in such circumstances are encouraged to contact the City to discuss what assistance may be available to them.