City has say on proposed legislation

Published on Friday 10 August, 2018

puppy farming.jpg

The City of Gosnells has made a detailed submission on the State Government’s Stop Puppy Farming consultation paper.

Key measures suggested in the State Government’s consultation paper include registration of breeders, mandatory sterilisation, transitioning pet shops to rehoming facilities and introducing a centralised registration system.

“Dogs are highly valued in our community, and any significant changes to the Dog Act are likely to have wide-ranging impacts on our residents and the City,” Mayor Glenn Dewhurst said.

“Responsible dog ownership is good for public health – dogs help their owners to feel more connected in our community and encourage owners to exercise more, improving physical health and mental wellbeing.

“However, it is likely that mandatory sterilisation will reduce the supply of dogs and potentially drive breeders underground.

“I am extremely concerned that if the supply of dogs is severely restricted, prices will increase dramatically. This could make it unaffordable for the average person to purchase a dog.

“Furthermore, if legislation gives local government additional responsibilities, then rates may need to increase to meet the cost of this.”

Mayor Dewhurst said that the proposals in the State Government’s consultation paper provide a broad regulatory approach that will affect all dog owners rather than targeting those involved in 'puppy farming'.

The submission period for the State Government’s consultation paper has now closed, however community members can share their thoughts on this topic with their local member of State Parliament, to ensure the new legislation reflects our community’s values.