More than 100 bicycles from residents in the City of Gosnells have been listed on Bikelinc since December, as part of a partnership between the City of Gosnells and Crime Stoppers WA to reduce the theft of bicycles in the region.

City of Gosnells Mayor David Goode said the Bikelinc Incentive Project was the first formal local government partnership with Crime Stoppers WA

“The Bikelinc Incentive Project awarded prizes to encourage City of Gosnells residents to sign up with Bikelinc to help reduce bicycle theft,” he said.

“Even though the promotion period has come to a close, residents can continue to list their bicycles on Bikelinc, encourage their friends and family members to do the same, and refer to Bikelinc whenever they purchase a second-hand bicycle.”

Bikelinc works as a free online platform for bike owners to keep details of their bikes, and help people who are buying a second-hand bicycle to check if it has been stolen or lost.

Crime Stoppers WA Chief Executive Officer Vince Hughes said Bikelinc had more than 26,000 bikes listed with a value of over $40 million. 

“Over 50 stolen bikes with an estimated value of $90,000 have been returned to their rightful owners and police have been successful in executing warrants and recovering additional stolen property through searches on Bikelinc,” he added.

City of Gosnells residents who listed their bicycle on Bikelinc between 1 December 2020 and 31 May 2021 were eligible for prizes.

First prize, a $1,000 bicycle store voucher, was won by Rodney Olsen of Southern River.

Mr Olsen plans to use the voucher to purchase spare parts and ensure his bike is in the best condition possible, as he prepares to ride from Perth to Newcastle this September to raise funds for children living in poverty through Ride for Compassion Coast to Coast.

It will be the seventh time he has ridden his bike across Australia to raise funds and awareness for charities, and his second crossing for Ride for Compassion.

As well as being passionate about raising awareness and funds to support children living in poverty, Mr Olsen is an enthusiastic supporter of Bikelinc and often encourages his fellow riders to list their bikes with the site.

“My bike is not super expensive, but it’s valuable to me and I want to take all the steps I can to ensure that my bike is as safe as it can be,” he said.

The three runners-up who won $100 vouchers were Fayley Arthur, Richard Browne and Luke Walsh.

It’s not too late to list your bicycle on Bikelinc – visit