Celebrating our cultural diversity at Fusion

Published on Thursday 7 November, 2019

turban tying.jpg

The rich cultural diversity in the City of Gosnells will be celebrated at this year’s Fusion Food and Culture Festival, with more than 40 groups sharing their cultures and traditions with the wider community.

It is the first time United Sikhs has been involved in the City’s annual multicultural celebration. The group will host a stall where members of the community can experience turban tying.

Spokesman Mandeep Deogan said his members are looking forward to sharing the Sikh culture with the wider community.

“It takes a few minutes to tie a turban, so it’s a great platform for opening up further discussion about the Sikh culture, answering questions and explaining the importance of the turban to our culture,” he said.

“The turban becomes an essential part of our identity – a way of expressing ourselves, like putting on our clothes.”

United Sikhs is an international not-for-profit organisation affiliated with the United Nations, and opened its Perth chapter three years ago.

As well as cultural awareness activities, Mr Deogan said the group’s Aussie Farmers Relief Project is raising funds for Australian farmers who are experiencing drought.

“We met with farmers who are being impacted by drought and saw a gap in service delivery,” he said.

“Through our fundraising activities, we have been able to help arrange the delivery of water to drought affected properties for domestic use.”

The United Sikhs’ stall will be in the Global Village at Fusion, which will also feature cultural performances and activities by other local community groups.

The festival will also have delicious food from around the world, roving entertainment, children’s activities, fireworks and more.

For more information, please visit the link below or call 9397 3000.

Fusion Food and Culture Festival is presented by Healthway, promoting the LiveLighter message, and is sponsored by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services, Lotterywest and Examiner Newspapers.