Act now ahead of bushfire season

Published on Tuesday 22 October, 2019


The City of Gosnells is reminding residents to ensure their properties are prepared ahead of the bushfire season and that they have a plan on what to do in an emergency.

Rangers are now inspecting properties to ensure they comply with the City's Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice requirements.

More than 47,000 properties receive the annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice with their Rates Notice each year, which describes the steps landowners must take to reduce bushfire risk.

Owners or occupiers of properties zoned ‘General Rural’ and ‘Special Rural’ must install firebreaks or slash and clear their lots and keep their land free of all flammable material above 10cm by 30 November each year.

All other properties must be cleared and maintained free of flammable material above 10cm all year round.

Last season, City of Gosnells Rangers inspected more than 40,000 properties for fire hazard compliance and, while the majority of residents did the right thing, several hundred work orders were issued.

There are a number of ways that residents can reduce the risk of bushfire to their home including:

• Cut the grass around your property to 10cm or less

• Prune shrubs to ensure a 2 metre gap around your house

• Maintain gutters and keep the roof clear of leaves

• Ensure firebreaks and driveways are maintained to a minimum of 3 metres wide and 4 metres high to allow firetrucks easy access to your property

The City is also reminding residents that permits to burn are required during the Restricted Burning Period until 30 November. From 1 December the Prohibited Burning Period will commence. This runs until 31 March and during this period no burning is to occur.

Updates on current incidents, including prescribed burns, and advice on how to prepare a bushfire survival plan are available at www.emergency.wa.gov.au, at the link below.

For more information on the City’s Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice or Restricted and Prohibited Burning Periods, please visit the link below.