The following information relates to your club’s rights and responsibilities as a seasonal hirer of the City’s sporting reserves.

Fees and Charges

Each year as part of its budget deliberations, Council adopts the Fees and Charges which will apply to the various services it provides over the next 12 months. Officers do not have the authority to provide waivers or discounts unless the Fees and Charges specifically allow it.

Fees and Charges are adopted by Council at the beginning of each financial year and will apply to your club in the year when your playing season starts.
An excerpt of the adopted Fees and Charges which are normally relevant to sporting clubs is included in this document. The complete schedule of the City’s Fees and Charges can be obtained on the City’s website.

Conditions of Hire

Under the Local Government Act 1995, local governments are empowered to make local laws which are applicable to the entire Council area. The City of Gosnells has created a local law called the City of Gosnells – Local Government Property Local Law 2009.

The Local Law essentially states that the City of Gosnells may place conditions on any permits given out. These Conditions of Hire – Active Reserves are a set of standard conditions which apply to all sporting clubs applying for a permit to use the City’s sports fields.

Pre-season training

During the ground maintenance period, various passive parks may be booked for pre-season training free of charge.
Fees apply to all other pre-season training bookings.

Public Liability (P/L) Insurance

Clubs must have P/L Insurance to be eligible to hire the City’s reserves.

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