Maddington Town Centre

Maddington is poised to grow into a regional servicing centre that is easily accessed via the Albany, Roe and Tonkin Highways, only 15-20 minutes by rail from Perth City.  Employment, education and recreational opportunities will make Maddington Town Centre a dynamic urban environment with diverse possibilities.

It will have attractive places and streetscapes that offer amenity, security and interest to the community at all hours.  

  • Maddington Town Centre's regeneration vision has been prepared to inform a town centre design that makes the most of Maddington's assets and opportunities.  Redevelopment of the train station and the adjoining pubically owned land provides major opportunity to create a dynamic, high quality urban core                                                                                                                                                     

  • Attractive public spaces and improved streetscapes will be achieved through: a coordinated approach to street design, paving, landscaping, furniture and lighting provision; a public art strategy that builds upon the identity of place; and townscape improvements that reinforce a strong sense of local identity and amenity

  • The Maddington Town Centre Development Policy provides design guidance for new town centre style development 

  • A multifaceted program of community, economic and urban regeneration initiatives has supported sustainable community growth in Maddington and Kenwick.
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