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Future Developments and Works

Robinson Park

Through its Public Open Space (POS) Strategy, the City developed a proposal to subdivide part of the Robinson Park to create 42 residential lots and use the proceeds from sale to redevelop the remaining parkland. The redevelopment will provide better passive security, with homes facing the park area, and the community will benefit from a great new park.

The park is currently mainly used by residents as an off-leash dog exercise area.  The multi-million dollar redevelopment of this large park will include a children’s playground with nature play elements, picnic areas, barbecues, public toilet, seating, lighting, on street parking, path network, basketball half court and an off-lead dog exercise area.

Construction works are expected to begin in late-2019 for both the park redevelopment and residential subdivision.  Blocks in the new residential subdivision will range from 350m2 to 447m2 and are expected to be available for sale once the park redevelopment is complete (approximately April 2020)

The revitalised park will provide a space for dog lovers and local residents, giving people a quality park for recreation and leisure and a great new venue for City-run community events.

Gosnells Town Centre

The Town Square in its current form is physically and visually cut off from the surrounding streetscapes and attracts anti-social behaviour.  A CPTED study was undertaken by Curtin University students who identified the need to improve the connectivity between Town Square with the adjoining carpark and wider Town Centre.  

The City worked through a number of design options with an internal group of experts and a preferred was option identified that will meet the desired outcomes for the Town Centre. The design includes a central grassed area which will provide a great space for events and relaxation.  Existing Plane trees will be retained as part of the design and seating will be provided under the trees, providing the community with a great spot to rest in the shade on hot days.  

The obsolete water fountain will be replaced with a misting feature, where very fine water mist can be choreographed with lighting and sound to create vibrancy within the space. New LED lighting will be installed including the ability to either brighten or dim the night time environment remotely. The existing watercourse and boardwalk will be retained as part of the revised design.  

Colour, materials, detailing and planting will provide a durable and vibrant space for community to enjoy, with the added benefit of facilitating more City run events. Work is anticipated to commence early in 2020 with completion by June the same year.

Holling Street Reserve

The enhancement of Holling Street Reserve formed part of the City’s long-term Public Open Space Strategy which aims to revitalise parks across the City.  The overall design for the 1.9ha site was inspired by the 1950s style of housing surrounding the park and features breezeblock seat walls, along with a shaded playground, barbecue, shelter, lighting, goal posts, a basketball half-court, fitness equipment and footpaths.  

During consultation, local residents opted to keep a large asphalt area at the Maddington park but it needed an upgrade too, so the City of Gosnells ran a community art competition to find a locally-inspired design.  A judging panel decided on a snake-influenced design which was deemed well-suited to the project as it aligned with environmental, cultural and recreational perspectives.

A movie night was held to celebrate the opening of the newly completed park, the event was a great success and well received by the community. 

Emerald Park 

The construction of Emerald Park commenced March 2019, while the project had been planned for commencement in the previous financial year, the project had faced delays due to land tenure issues.  

The park includes significant areas of paperbark wetland, and this area has been conserved as part of the development.  The City undertook a fauna relocation process prior to commencing work and over 300 animals were re-located to suitable bushland within the area including Quenda, frogs, skinks and geckos.  

During construction, the dry weather enabled works to proceed in a timely fashion without additional de-watering costs, which was identified as a major risk to the project.  Significant amounts of rubbish and dumped material such as car bodies were found during the early stages of the works.  

Being an advocate of environmentally friendly design, the City has used a new type of solar LED lighting has been used at this site, which reduces both electricity use and light spill for neighbouring residents.  The existing playground has been enhanced with additional equipment and nature-play activities.  As part of the redevelopment, picnic areas have been established which include shade shelters, a table setting and barbeque.  The boardwalk and path connections allow for universal access and recreational opportunities through the site.  The installation of grass and rehabilitation planting will continue during Winter.  Practical Completion is anticipated in early August 2019. 

Langford Netball Complex New Floodlighting

Work will commence at the end of February to install new floodlighting at the Langford Netball Complex, Langford Avenue, Langford.  The floodlighting will be installed on the bank of eight courts closest to Nightjar Lane with four poles and eight LED floodlights and is expected to be completed by the end of May 2020.  The project is a joint initiative between the State Government through the Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund, the Southern Districts Netball Association and the City.
This will be the second sportsground in the City to have LED floodlighting offering higher quality lighting for a lower operating cost. 

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