Sports Representation and Community Recognition Sponsorship

To be eligible, applicants must be representing Western Australia or Australia and have been selected by a recognised state or national governing organisation.

There are three funding levels available:

• $150 for competitions held in WA

• $200 for competitions held anywhere in Australia except WA

• $250 for international competitions


KidSport provides financial assistance to residents aged between 5 and 18 years old to join a sport or recreation club.

KidSport is available for children aged 5 to 18, whose parent or guardian has a concession or Health Care Card.

Residents can be eligible for up to $150 to put towards club registration fees.

For more information about Sports Representation or KidSport contact

City of Gosnells on 9397 3000 or email

Community Sponsorship Program

The City’s Community Sponsorship Program provides sponsorship for community based organisations to deliver projects for City of Gosnells residents.

Projects can include purchase of new equipment, training of volunteers or development of a new program. Funding applications rounds are typically in March and August.

There are five categories of sponsorship available; Minor Capital Works and Equipment, Programs and Events, Training and Support, NAIDOC Week Community Activities and Heritage and Conservation Projects.

More information

For more information on the above, please contact the City of Gosnells on 9397 3000 or email

The table below details what is included in each category and the different levels of sponsorship offered.



Maximum amount offered

Maximum percentage of total project cost covered

Minor Capital Works and Equipment

Small scale upgrades of facilities such as installing air conditioning. Purchase of new equipment such as a line marker.



Programs and Events

Community driven programs such as Seniors Fitness program. Public events such as a community festival.



Training and Support

Training for volunteers such as coach accreditation courses.



NAIDOC Week Community Activities

Community events and activities held during NAIDOC Week, which

celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.



History and Heritage Conservation

Digitisation of club records and memorabilia. Signage documenting club history.



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