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Comrie Road Wetland

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Canning Vale

Mahogany Street Reserve

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Lander Swamp

Parks and Gardens, 
Southern River

Nicholson Road Wetlands

Parks and Gardens, 
Canning Vale

Civic Centre Gardens

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Auckland Parade Reserve

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Mary Carroll Park

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Hardinge Park

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Greentree Drive reserve

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Southern River
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Skate Park

Jean Garvey Park

Jean Garvey Park , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The park being over 4.5 hectares in size provides the local area with a large open grassed area where a range of activities can be enjoyed.

The area is easily accessed from Ashburton Drive, Greenough Way and Young Street as well as via public access ways from Roderick Close and Hann Court.

The park contains a skate park, pavilion and two playgrounds and is supported by a car park close to the pavilion.

A small area of remnant bushland provides biodiversity values to the area.

Thornie Skate Park

Thornlie skate park

Thornlie Skate Park , Thornlie , WA , 6110

The skate park caters for skate, scooter and BMX riders.

Greater Brixton Street Wetlands

Greater Brixton Street Wetlands

Lot 808 Brixton Street , Kenwick , WA , 6107

The Greater Brixton Street Wetlands are one of the most diverse ecosystems on the Swan Coastal Plain.


Holmes Street Bushland North

Cnr Holmes Street and Balfour Street , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

Comprising 53.6 hectares, the Holmes Street Bushland North site is considered significant among the areas of high biodiversity conservation value within the City.


Comrie Road Wetland

154 Comrie Road , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

Comrie Road wetland is identified as a high priority site for conservation management by the City and provides an important vegetation remnant amongst a highly developed area.


Mahogany Street Reserve

Mahogany St , Maddington , WA , 6109

A largely undeveloped 2 hectare reserve that is framed by mature trees with mulched gardens as a vegetated understory.


Lander Swamp

Lander Street , Southern River , WA , 6110

Lander Swamp is a seasonally inundated wetland surrounded by urban development. It provides an important refuge for local fauna and is a key biodiversity asset of the area.


Nicholson Road Wetlands

Nicholson Road Wetlands , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

Of high conservation value, the Nicholson Road Wetlands in Canning Vale provide a window into the past with a relatively undisturbed environment and a high diversity of plants and animals.

Civic Centre gardens and memorial

Civic Centre Gardens

2120 Albany Highway , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Civic Centre gardens located on Albany Highway Gosnells form a tranquil linkage between the City of Gosnells Administration centre and Centennial Pioneer Park close to the Gosnells Town Centre.

The gardens include meandering pathways that bisect two man made lakes that support abundant wildlife.

A range of seating areas and barbeque facilities are provided.

The Gardens are home to a range of civic events and contains a cenotaph lined by roses where Anzac and Remembrance Day services are held.


Auckland Parade Reserve

132 Comrie Road , Canning Vale , WA , 6110

Auckland Parade Reserve is linear in shape serving a drainage function for the Canning Vale area.

The reserve provides cyclists, pedestrians and joggers with excellent connectivity for the length of the reserve as well as good access to surrounding streets and other nearby parks.

The reserve has a number of open grassed areas, a playground, constructed shade areas as well as open seating areas.


Mary Carroll Park

Mary Carroll Park , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Mary Carroll Park is a 22 hectare site divided into two wetland areas by Eudoria Street. A Conservation Category Wetland and Bush Forever Site (124), the reserve is a major bird sanctuary important for migratory birds and listed as a ‘must see’ by Birds Australia (National Ornithological Society).

The site has major potential for natural recreation, both as a local and regional asset. Existing facilities are basic and include toilets, conventional play equipment, barbecue facilities, seating and walking paths.

Within 10 minutes walking distance of the Gosnells Train Station, the site is centrally located, surrounded by residential development and adjoins Gosnells Primary School.


Hardinge Park

4768 Hardinge Road , Orange Grove , WA , 6110

A park located at the eastern end of Hardinge Road, Hardinge Park is located close to Bickley Brook Reservoir.

Areas of car parking provide good access to the park which also provides access to the reservoir.

Picnic shelter located throughout the park enable a degree of privacy for families to enjoy a picnicking experience close to nature.

A centrally located amenities building provides for the convenience of park users.


Greentree Drive reserve

4859 Boardwalk Boulevard , Southern River , WA , 6110

A four hectare site that contains a number of feature lakes.

The reserve boasts an extensive internal pathway network for both walkers and cyclists to enjoy.

A stand of remnant vegetation increases the environmental values of the park and provides refuge for native fauna.

A playground close to the intersection of Greentree Drive and Waterview Parade provides excellent play space for children to use.

A number of areas within the reserve are open and grassed ideally suited for informal ball games and play.


Corriedale Place Reserve, Thornlie

Lot 3214 Corriedale Place , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Corriedale Springs boasts a rehabilitated living stream and riparian vegetation to improve its environmental value.


John Okey Davis Park, Gosnells

Lot 4147 Homestead Road , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The degraded foreshore of Djarlgarra (the Canning River) in John Okey Davis Park, Gosnells, has been significantly rehabilitated by the City and the Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group.

Corriedale Springs Canning River

Hester Park, Langford

Lot 4 Spencer Road , Langford , WA , 6147

Hester Park encompasses a very large area of the Djarlgarra (Canning River) foreshore and floodplain in Langford.


Rushton Road Woodland

Lot 3 Rushton Road , Martin , WA , 6110

Located within the Ellis Brook Valley management area, the Rushton Road Woodland is a particularly unique area, being a remnant of the Forrestfield Vegetation Complex, whose flora is of special significance.

Tom Bateman Bushland flower

Tom Bateman Reserve Bushland

Tom Bateman Reserve, Wilfred Road , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Tom Bateman Reserve Bushland is considered significant among the City’s areas of high biodiversity conservation value. The regionally significant bushland is a part of Bush Forever Site 456.


Shreeve Road Reserve Wetland

Lot 849 Waterperry Drive , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

The Shreeve Road Reserve Wetland is a seasonal wetland located between Waterperry Drive and Shreeve Road in Canning Vale. This large wetland exists in a completely urbanised catchment and is large enough to provide habitat for bandicoots and supports a substantial diversity of bird life. With mush of the area considered to be in pristine condition, this location contains some of the most valuable bushland in the City.


Gosnells Golf Course Bushland

144 Campbell Road , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

Located within the Gosnells Golf Course grounds, the Gosnells Golf Course Bushland is one of the City's highest priority biodiversity management sites. It includes areas of wetland vegetation communities and Banksia attenuata – B. menziesii woodland.


Mary Carroll Park wetlands

165 Eudoria Street , Gosnells , WA , 6110

One of the City’s most important wetlands, Mary Carroll Park wetlands provides important roosting, breeding and summer refuge habitat for waterbirds.

Tom Bateman Wetland long

Tom Bateman Wetlands, Langford

Tom Bateman Reserve , Langford , WA , 6147

The constructed wetlands that are the Tom Bateman Wetlands improve the quality of stormwater before it enters Djarlgarra (the Canning River).


Hume Road Wildlife Reserve

Hume Road and Culligan Road , Thornlie , WA , 6108

The only window into the pre-development landscape of Thornlie, the Hume Road Wildlife Reserve encompasses wetland, Banksia woodland and Marri woodland, and is a haven for birds.


Homestead Park, Thornlie

Lot 1821 Glenbrook Road , Thornlie , WA , 6108

The degraded foreshore of Djarlgarra (the Canning River) has been significantly enhanced through the work undertaken by the City and the Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group


Astley Street River Foreshore, Gosnells

Lot 800 Astley Street , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Djarlgarra (Canning River) foreshore and floodplain along Astley Street in Gosnells has been restored by the City and the Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group

Pioneer Park boardwalk

Centennial Pioneer Park, Gosnells

Pioneer Park , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Djarlgarra (Canning River) foreshore and floodplain in Centennial Pioneer Park have undergone significant rehabilitation and restoration work that has produced a model rehabilitated natural landscape.

Brookland Greens Rotunda

Sandringham Promenade Reserve, Canning Vale

Sandringham Promenade , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

This beautiful park has a rotunda that will hold 50 people. A water feature with fountain and is a idyllic location for your garden wedding

Castlewood Park Tower

Castlewood Parkway, Southern River

Castlewood Parkway , Southern River , WA , 6110

A significant reserve in the Southern River area with a large lake dominating the landscape.


Harmony Fields Playground, Maddington

Lot 359 Alcock Street , Maddington , WA , 6109

Harmony Fields is an expansive active reserve where both cricket and football are played.

The site contains a large playground area with shade sails and rubber soft fall for use by children not participating in active sports as well as by members of the local community.

The site has a large parking area with excellent pedestrian and cyclist connections to surrounding parks.


Ruth Avenue

Ruth Avenue , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

The City's little hidden treasure, this park includes a playground, water feature, gazebo and a beach area.

It is ideal for both wedding ceremonies and children's birthday parties


Sanctuary Waters, Canning Vale

Alexandria Boulevard , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

This park includes a lake, footbridge, gazebo and playground. It is adjacent to a small meeting room with toilet facilities which is available for hire


Sutherlands Park Playground, Huntingdale

Sutherlands Park , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

Ideally located within the City's largest sporting complex, the playground can be easily accessed from a car parking area that supports both sporting participation and unstructured informal use of the reserve.

Other facilities include barbeques, a gazebo and public toilets

Girl Playing Tennis

Memorial Park tennis courts

2 Mills Road W , Martin , WA , 6110

There are 4 hard courts for hire here.


Appledore Street Reserve

11 Appledore Street , Beckenham , WA , 6110

Slightly in excess of half a hectare this reserve provides a range of recreation opportunities including play equipment for younger children, a basketball ring for older children as well as open areas for informal ball games and other recreation pursuits. The reserve is shaded by stands of native trees and is easily accessed by pathways that traverse the length of the reserve.


Rochester Avenue Reserve

31 Rochester Avenue , Beckenham , WA , 6110

A reserve of over 7000 square metres has been developed to include play equipment with designated shade sails for solar protection.

A circular pathway network provides easy access for all members of the community. A designated open grassed area provides a range of opportunities for local children to enjoy ball games and other recreational opportunities.

A significant amount of native vegetation provides both shade and an environmental balance to the reserve.


Woodlupine Brook Reserve

26 Wickens Street , Beckenham , WA , 6110

This reserve is a narrow linear reserve that provides pedestrian connectivity to Mills Park from the residential areas to the north.

The reserve serves as a drainage function as well as providing copious pathway connections from surrounding residential areas.

Numerous vegetated sites, open grassed areas with constructed playground make this park multifunctional.


Heather Street Reserve

10 Heather Street , Martin , WA , 6110

A small neighbourhood park that provides excellent connectivity between Heather Street and Nantellis Road.

The park contains newly installed play equipment and a basketball ring for older children.

Open grassed areas provide a suitable location for to enjoy unstructured play and informal ball games.


Jenkins Lane Reserve

Jenkins Lane Reserve , Langford , WA , 6147

A small park that has significant open space for the children to enjoy.

With bollards protecting the perimeter the grass is safe for the children to play on.

Some planting has occurred at the reserve however additional planting for shade is planned in the future.

The reserve has a children's playground with adjoining seating and garden areas.


Prendiville Way Reserve

30 Prendiville Way , Langford , WA , 6147

A small reserve that has plenty.

Trees frame the reserve and provide much needed shade for users during the summer months.

Circular pathways present users with a range of recreation opportunities for both young and old alike.

A centrally located playground with shade sails give the youngsters an opportunity to let of steam.


Towton Way Reserve

3 Mudlark Close , Langford , WA , 6147

Pathways lead from all points on the compass to a large centrally located playground.

This means that excellent access is provided from all surrounding streets to this small reserve.

Large trees provide users with shade and the youngsters can use the open grassed areas to play ball or run around.


Turley Way Reserve

1 Wagtail Bend , Langford , WA , 6147

A neighbourhood park that is largely undeveloped.

The site can be used for quiet contemplation and reflection.

Heaps of shade from mature trees makes this an inviting area for young and old to use.


Avila Street Reserve

7 Avila Place , Kenwick , WA , 6110

A delightful neighbourhood park that can be accessed from both Phoenix Drive and Avila Place.

Containing designated perimeter garden planting, the park offers the local community with open grassed areas for informal games and passive recreational pursuits.

A playground with shade sails and a basket ball ring provide play opportunities for children of varying ages.


Gaskin Road Reserve

Lot 2829 Gaskin Road , Kenwick , WA , 6110

A newly developed reserve that contains a centrally located playground. A circular path network provides excellent access from Gaskin Road and surrounding streets.

The reserve contains mature stands of trees that provide summer shade. Significant tree planting supports the natural stands of trees.


Packer Park

Packer Park , Kenwick , WA , 6110

Packer Park is a 2 hectare site located in Dudley Road, in close proximity to Kenwick link and Roe Highway.

The site contains expansive open grassed area that dominates the site.

Constructed garden bed have been planted facing Roe Highway and adjoining rail line to provide a vegetative buffer to these areas.

The park has excellent connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists to other sites within the local area.

A playground located in the north eastern corner of the site provides play experiences for children visiting the park.


Stretton Way Reserve

29 Shere Street , Kenwick , WA , 6110

An award winning landscape design for a small reserve located behind the Kenwick Village.

The reserve boasts an integrated internal path network that connects Stretton Way and Shere Street.

The intensive design includes a number of landscape elements including highly colourful playground under shade sails, high quality seating and picnic benches, a range of shade shelters, subtle park lighting and colourful hardstand areas.

The design also provide a large open grassed area where groups can interact socially, picnic or enjoy passive recreational activities.


Alexandria Boulevard Reserve

Corner Bennet and Alexandria Drive , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

Largely comprising lakes and water bodies Alexandria Boulevard Reserve is a picturesque area of open space.

Surrounding the lakes is an excellent network of internal pathways allowing circular movement of pedestrians and cyclists alike. A raised boardwalk section provides excellent viewing of the lake.

A designated picnic area that includes barbeques, covered picnic benches and children's playground within an open grassed setting can be accessed near the intersection of Alexandria Boulevard and Sanctuary Avenue.


Cadoux Reserve

24 Cadoux Promenade , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

The principal feature of this reserve is an elevated boardwalk over the lake that connects to the remaining extensive network of internal paths.

Perimeter tree planting frames the reserve and compliments landscaping and constructed garden beds that surround the lake and circular open lawn area.

Open grassed areas provide ample opportunity for park users to engage in informal ball games and other recreational pursuits.

A playground with shade sails cater for children's play and activities.


Central Park Reserve

Lot 484 West End Parade , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

A circular lake is the central feature that dominates the landscape.

A well designed passive reserve with mature plantings in an avenue or orchard format provide both shade and a formal feature for the reserve.

Grassed areas provide the impression of an expansive reserve where a range of passive recreational activities can be enjoyed.


Lexington Avenue Reserve

2 Grand Boulevard , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

Abutting Ranford Road, this reserve contains two hard surfaced tennis courts.

Mature trees are planted throughout the reserve and provide an effective visual and sound screen to Ranford Road.

If tennis is not for you then the reserve can be used for quiet contemplation and reflection.


Pinaster Boulevard Reserve

Pinaster Boulevard Reserve , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

A beautiful large lake is the central feature of this reserve.

A sweeping internal pathway network provides excellent access to all areas of this 1.5 hectare park.

The park also boasts a designated parking area, covered shelter and a playground area that caters for children's play.

The site does nor have any natural tree canopy therefore planting of mature trees will provide natural shade in time.


Ruth Avenue Reserve

2 Jeremiah Way , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

Due to the presence of significant plantings of palm trees the reserve is colloquially referred to as "Little Bali".

The reserve is selected by many couples as an ideal location for wedding ceremonies.

The park has many private areas surrounding a centrally located lake.

Perimeter parking makes accessing the reserve relatively easy.

Sandringham Parade Reserve

Sandringham Promenade Reserve

17 Ladham Turn , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

A picturesque linear reserve in Canning Vale, Sandringham Promenade Reserve, boasts a range of park infrastructure that supports a range of passive recreational opportunities.

These include a rotunda where garden weddings are often held.

Artificial lakes provide viewing opportunities as well as an environment that supports aquatic plants and wildlife.

A large network of connecting pathways makes accessing and traversing the reserve a pleasure.

A combination of naturally vegetated areas, landscaped gardens as well as open grassed areas provide opportunities for a range of recreational pursuits.


Brigham Court Reserve

Brigham Court Reserve , Gosnells , WA , 6110

In excess of 1 hectare, Brigham Court Reserve is largely undeveloped with large open grassed areas where informal games can be enjoyed.

A number of large trees in the reserve provide a measure of shade and assist in maintaining biodiversity to the area.

A playground has been constructed at the site for the enjoyment of the children within the neighbourhood.


Chelsfield Street Reserve

15 Chelsfield Street , Gosnells , WA , 6110

A neighbourhood park in Gosnells.


Gosnells Recreation Ground

67 Terence Street , Gosnells , WA , 6110

A neighbourhood park in Gosnells.


Keston Place Reserve

11 Keston Place , Gosnells , WA , 6110

A newly upgraded reserve this park boasts a large centrally located playground for younger children and basketball ring for older users of the park.

The planting theme reflects the fact that Gosnells was once a significant orchard and fruit growing area.

Infrastructure supporting the playground includes accessible paths, seating and limestone walls that add architectural landscaping features to this lovely park setting.


LymingeStreet Reserve

20 Lyminge Street , Gosnells , WA , 6110

A delightful neighbourhood park that is easily accessible from both Lyminge and Blanche Streets provides abundant opportunities for recreation for all members of the community.

Meandering paths link both street frontages and constructed grassed mounds provide excellent play opportunities for young children.

A centrally located large playground provides a range of play experiences with nearby shelters allowing supervising adults with seating and sun protection.


Murchison Way Reserve

2 Murchison Way , Gosnells , WA , 6110

A 1.5 hectare site which contains perimeter mature vegetation that surrounds a large centrally located grassed are where residents enjoy a diverse range of recreational opportunities including amongst other things ball games.

An easily accessible playground facing Murchison Drive provides play opportunities for children.

Surrounding planting provide shade for users of the park.


Rede Street Reserve

45 Rede Street , Gosnells , WA , 6110

A newly redeveloped park, Rede Street Reserve is an excellent example of a well developed neighbourhood park.

The site contains a playground containing equipment suitable for a range of ages, seating for users of the park and a pathway network that provides pedestrian linkages to all street frontages.

New tree plantings, landscaped areas and gardens have been included to support existing mature vegetation.


Balfour Street Reserve

34 Balfour Street , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

Balfour Street Reserve is approximately half a hectare in size with significant remnant native vegetation spread throughout.

Small areas of open grass provide opportunities for informal ball games and other recreational pursuits.

A playground located in the central section of the reserve provides for children's play.

Access to the reserve is available from Balfour Street, Shipbourne Way and Philp Close.


Bindoon Loop Reserve

19 Brushbox Way , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

A small reserve that has been enhanced to include childrens playground with sails, a path network that connects adjoining streets and areas of mulched garden.

Access to the reserve is available from Brushbox Way, Irma Close and Bindoon Loop.


Leatherwood Way Reserve

4150 Leatherwood Way , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

Almost a hectare in size this reserve provides a range of leisure and recreational opportunities.

The reserve contains a constructed children's playground, a basketball hoop and a connecting path network that provides a thoroughfare between Waxflower Bend and Leatherwood Way.

Large areas of garden beds and perimeter vegetation provide shade and visual relief from the surrounding residential environment.


Rosebud Close Reserve

Lot 4033 Rosebud Close , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

A reserve that can be access from a range of surrounding streets including Harpenden Street, Madden Place, Rosebud Close and Coolberry Road.

An elongated reserve that contains a network of internal paths surrounded by significant areas of mulched garden beds.

A shade shelter close to a children's playground provide for supervising parents and children's play.


Waterlily Close Reserve

11 Showman Glade , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

A neighbourhood park in Huntingdale.


Auric Place Reserve

Lot 3891 Apley Street , Maddington , WA , 6109

A small local park that has been intensively developed for use by the community.

The park provides excellent access between Auric Place and Apley Street.

The park contains garden beds to screen the residential areas on each side.

A circular path network frames a large open grassed area that includes a play area covered by shade sails. Seating is also provided in the park.


Panozza Circle Reserve

134 Panozza Circle , Maddington , WA , 6109

A well designed area of open space combining a central square open grassed area.

Surrounded by a meandering path network that facilitates excellent access and pedestrian corridors.

A designated play area gives children an area to burn of steam.

Copious garden areas provide a softening effect to the hard landscape elements.


Peace Court Park

4260 Dellar Road , Maddington , WA , 6109

Peace Court Reserve is a linear park that serves to link a number of parks in the Maddington area.

The reserve has significant amounts of constructed pathways with park lighting to assist with safety issues.

A playground provides children with a designated area of constructed play.

Seating has been provided at a range of locations within the park with a range of public artworks.

Native planting provides shade and visual amenity from the surrounding residential areas.


Weston Street Reserve

38 Weston Street , Maddington , WA , 6109

Weston Street Reserve is a local park that has been improved to a minimal standard.

The park has copious amounts of natural shade which one of its best assets.

A playground located in the rear sector of the park provides play activities for local children.

Internal pathways provide easy access to all areas of the park. Open grassed areas enable informal ball games to be played.


Nolan Avenue Reserve

4665 Lakey Street , Southern River , WA , 6110

A multi functional area of open space that boasts outdoor gym equipment, play equipment suitable for children, a basketball ring and seating throughout the park.

A complete network of pathways provides easy transition through the park and superb linkages to other areas.

Vegetation at the site includes both existing native plants and planted trees to compliment natural areas.


Wildlife Way Reserve

Lot 8009 Wildlife Way , Southern River , WA , 6110

A linear reserve that provides for pedestrian thoroughfare from east to west and north to south.

An area of environmental planting provides for biodiversity and visual relief within the surrounding urban environment. The reserve covers an area of half a hectare.

Lot 8 Southern River

Figbird Way Reserve

The reserve on the corner of Figbird and Weebill Way contains a range of exciting landscape elements including sculptured curved wall, patterned concrete seating area as well as a playground with on street parking.

Soft landscaping and open grassed areas provide relief from the hard constructed elements.


Claridge Circle Reserve

14 Claridge Circle , Thornlie , WA , 6108

This is a is a linear reserve that provides excellent pedestrian connectivity between Towncentre Drive and West Lakes Drive.

The reserve supports an artificial lake, playground and a network of pathways.


Forest Crescent Reserve

Forrest Crescent Reserve , Thornlie , WA , 6108

A series of artificial water bodies create a focal point within the reserve.

Large grassed open space areas provide adequate locations for a range of recreational activities including informal ball games. Other treed areas provide for shade and environmental values to be enjoyed.

A systematic pathway network enables excellent accessibility to all areas of the park from all surrounding streets.

The park is divided into two distinct areas with a playground located at each site.


Grainger Way Reserve

Grainger Reserve , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Excellent pathway connectivity within this reserve provides good access to all areas especially to the playground.

The playground is surrounded by large trees which affords good shade quality for users of the equipment.

A large grassed open area caters for ball games and other informal recreation.

Large mulched areas allow for hydro-zoning meaning a reduction in water use at the site


Homestead Park

14 Glenbrook Road , Thornlie , WA , 6108

A riverside park that offers walking and bike riding opportunities along the Canning River foreshore.

A combination of forested and open areas provides a diverse range of recreation opportunities. Facilities include paved pathways and playground.


Kurrajong Way Reserve

Kurrajong Drive Reserve , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Facing Garden Street, a major thoroughfare through the City Kurrajong Drive Reserve is a 3 hectare site with a large artificial water body as its main feature.

Other features include large open grassed areas where a variety of informal ball games and recreation can be enjoyed.

Natural vegetation in close proximity to the lake provides a degree of shade and environmental value.

A children's playground can be accessed off Kurrajong Drive.


McMahon Street Reserve

2 McMahon Street , Thornlie , WA , 6108

A neighbourhood park in Thornlie.


Ningaloo Way Reserve

Lot 196 Ningaloo Way , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Almost 2 hectares in size this park provides opportunities for a range of recreational experiences.

Ningaloo Way Reserve is a neighbourhood park that contains a significant stand of mature native vegetation with a number of habitat trees, a few open grassed areas and a centrally located children's play area.


Partridge Way Reserve

79 Partridge Way , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Partridge Way Reserve has recently undergone a significant upgrade.

Three distinct features now characterise this park being a replica 400metre athletics track which doubles as part of the significant internal path network.

Secondly, the park boasts a magnificent fitness area for residents to utilise close to home.

Thirdly, a large playground with a range of equipment suitable for different age groups has been installed.

The design retains extensive areas of open grass to enable children and families to engage in informal ball games and other recreational pursuits.


Teakwood Loop Reserve

Teakwood Loop Reserve , Thornlie , WA , 6108

The park is in excess of 1.5 hectares in size and takes advantage of access opportunities from all surrounding streets.

A meandering internal path network provides easy access to all areas of the park. Limited existing vegetation has required the planting of significant vegetation that in time will provide shade to many areas within the reserve.

A playground and gazebo are among the improvement undertaken at the site.


Thornlie Park

1677 Thornlie Avenue , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Close to Thornlie Bowling Club and Leisure World, Thornlie Park is home to the Thornlie Tennis Club.

Otherwise largely undeveloped, this park provides necessary green space among the surrounding residential subdivisions.

A limited internal path network provides access to a small children's playground within the reserve.


Wicklow Street Reserve

Wicklow Street Reserve , Thornlie , WA , 6108

A small park providing excellent connectivity between Wicklow and Cranwell Streets.

The park has a limited amount of mature native vegetation which has been complimented with supplementary plantings within garden beds.

A basketball ring and playground with shade sails have been constructed for the enjoyment of local residents.


Langford Avenue Reserve

17 Southgate Road , Langford , WA , 6110

On the corner of Nicholson Road and Langford Avenue, this reserve allows nature in the suburbs with a lake surrounded by remnant native vegetation.

A gazebo and children's play equipment have been constructed along the extensive internal path network.

Open grassed areas give play opportunities for a range of activities in a range of age groups.

Gosnells Skate Park

Gosnells skate park

Gosnells skate park , Gosnells , WA , 6110

This park is built to cater for both skaters and bmx/scooter riders, as well as offering a variety of street obstacles.

Mills Park Skate Plaza ramps

Mills Park skate plaza

Mills Park Centre, 86 Brixton St , Beckenham , WA , 6110

The Mills Park Skate Plaza is an open, flowing park catering for all ages, skill levels and user groups.

Maddington skate park

Maddington skate park

130 Westfield Street , Maddington , WA , 6109

This park has a good two bowl set up with a waterfall. The street course has a nice wall ride and there is also a heap of small banks/kickers, ledges and rails.


Holling Street Reserve

Holling Street , Maddington , WA , 6109

The reserve is almost 2 hectares in size with street frontage on all sides.

Westfield Street Reserve

Westfield Street Reserve

130 Westfield Street , Maddington , WA , 6109

Close to the local shopping centre, Westfield Street Reserve includes a skate park which is highly utilised.

The skate park hosts a range of skateboard competitions as well as clinics where children can learn to ride and improve their skateboarding skills.

A children's playground with associated barbecue facilities has been provided.

Picnic benches, gazebo and public toilets complete the provision of park infrastructure.

Native trees provide the park with valuable shade.

Photo of Amherst Village Library's meeting room

Amherst Village Library - meeting room

Amherst Village Library , Southern River , WA , 6110

General information about Amherst Village Library's meeting room, which is available for hire.

Mills Park Centre balcony overlooking the oval

Mills Park Reserve

Mills Park Centre, Brixton Street , Beckenham , WA , 6107

Mills Park Reserve consists of three large sporting ovals, which accommodate small ball sports, soccer, cricket and AFL. There are change room and kiosk facilities and a large public natrue playground.

The Pavilion at Harmony Fields

Harmony Fields Reserve

Harmony Fields , Maddington , WA , 6109

Harmony Fields is located in Maddington and includes a fitness track and barbeque facilities.

Oval and changerooms at Walter Padbury Reserve

Walter Padbury Park

126 Berehaven Avenue , Thornlie , WA , 6110

Incorporates Thornlie Oval, a footpath network and barbeque facilities.

Oval and clubroom at Langford Sporting Complex

Langford Sporting Complex

Langford Park Sporting Complex , Langford , WA , 6147

The Langford Oval has an athletics track, sports courts and sporting club rooms.

Canning Vale College Oval showing soccer ground and goals

Canning Vale College Oval

26 Dumbarton Road , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

This sporting oval is incorporated in the Canning Vale College site. It incorporates a Junior AFL and Cricket Oval

One of the ovals at Sutherlands Reserve

Sutherlands Park Reserve

Sutherlands Park , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

Sutherlands Park Reserve consists of six large sporting ovals. Play equipment is located at Reserves C and F.

View of the AFL oval from a seat in the grandstand

Gosnells Recreation Ground

3 Stalker Road , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Home to the Gosnells Football and Sports Club and the Percy Garrett Clubrooms.

Brixton St Wetland

Brixton Street Reserve

84 Kenwick Road , Kenwick , WA , 6110

Located in a community hub that includes the Kenwick Library and 'Mudhut" a community meeting facility, the Brixton Street Reserve provides a delightful area of greenspace that contains both landscaped and environmental areas.

tennis player at net

The Avenues Estate tennis

2 Grand Boulevard , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

The Aveues Estate tennis offers 2 hard courts for hire.

tennis player

Mills Park Tennis Courts

86 Brixton Street , Beckenham , WA , 6107

The Mills Park Tennis Courts offers four hard courts for hire.


Walter Padbury Playground

Walter Padbury Park , Thornlie , WA , 6108

A playground complex that is acknowledged as one of Perth's destination playgrounds for groups both large and small to visit. The playground is centrally located in the Walter Padbury Park sporting complex and is easily accessed from all car parks by a large internal path network.

The playground addresses all aspects of children's play including balance, climb, slide, spin and discovery experiences and also venturing into the nature play theme. A sensory experience and access and mobility is provided as well as utilisation of different soft fall materials.

Mills Park Centre

Mills Park Centre

Brixton Street , Beckenham , WA , 6107

Nature play spaces give children the exciting opportunity to play and interact with the natural environment. Children will have access to water play, trees to climb, climbing logs, stepping stones, cubby house building areas, two flying foxes, swings, paths for walking and riding, sand play, wooden and rope climbing structures, grass and garden space, picnic areas and shade shelters. Adjacent to the playground are barbeques, viewing platforms and a café / coffee shop so parents and carers can relax whilst little ones play nearby.

Meeting room at Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre - Scott meeting room

2232d Albany Highway , Gosnells , WA , 6110

General information about Knowledge Centre's meeting room (also known as the Scott Room) which is available for hire.


Centennial Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Close to the Gosnells Town Centre the park provides a linkage from the CBD along the river to the City of Gosnells Administration Gardens.

DRPAC - stage set up

Don Russell Performing Arts Centre

Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, Lot 13 Murdoch Road , Thornlie , WA , 6110

Give your event some star quality by choosing the venue that puts you centre stage.

Whether you are planning a meeting for 16, or a full production for 216 we have a range of options to suit.


Tom Bateman Playground, Thornlie

Nicholson Road , Thornlie , WA , 6108

The City of Gosnells is currently investigating suitable sites for a new, all-ability playground to replace the equipment being removed from Tom Bateman Reserve to accommodate the redevelopment of Baseball Park.

Photo of Ellis Brook Valley

Ellis Brook Valley

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve , Martin , WA , 6110

Acknowledged as the richest wildflower location in the Perth Metropolitan Area, and one of the best waterfalls, Ellis Brook Valley has picnic, barbecue and toilet facilities for visitors.

tennis player at net

Thornlie Tennis Club

Thornlie Avenue , Thornlie , WA , 6108

At the Thornlie Tennis Club there are 9 hard tennis courts.

Couple fitness harmony fields

Harmony Fields Fitness Track

Lot 359 Alcock Street , Maddington , WA , 6109

The Harmony Fields fitness track and outdoor gym circuit provides all the benefits of a gym but without the membership costs. One of the only facilities of this kind south of the river!


Gibbs Park

Gibbs Park, Maddington , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Gibbs Park is situated on Alcock Street, Maddington and is a large dry park utilised for off-leash dog walking with a small playground area for children.

Orange Room - Gosnells from A-Z image.jpg

Orange Room

2232 Albany Highway , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Orange Room is an exhibition space dedicated to the City's history and heritage.

Using themes and changing formats, the Orange Room brings to life different perspectives of the City of Gosnells and its community.

The front entrance of Addie Mills Centre

Addie Mills Centre

4 Astley Street , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Addie Mills Centre is a medium sized facility which was purpose built to accommodate the City's Seniors and Disability Services.

The front entrance of Amherst Function Centre

Amherst Village Function Centre

Corner Warton Road and Holmes Street , Southern River , WA , 6110

The Amherst Community Hall provides general space to run community based activities and private functions.

Gosnells RSL Hall

Gosnells RSL Hall

2 Mills Road W , Martin , WA , 6110

The Gosnells RSL Hall provides general space for regular hire by community groups and one-off functions.

Huntingdale Community Centre

Huntingdale Community Centre

Lot 1645 Holmes Street , Huntingdale , WA , 6110

The Huntingdale Community Centre provides general space for regular hire by community groups and one-off functions.

Kenwick Community Centre

Kenwick Community Centre

84 Kenwick Road , Kenwick , WA , 6107

The centre has a small hall and meeting room which provides general space for regular hire by community groups and social functions.

Exterior of Langford Community Centre

Langford Community Centre

52 Langford Avenue , Langford , WA , 6147

The main function of the Langford Community Centre is to provide general community space with a focus on small scale sport and recreation activities.

Maddington Community Centre

Maddington Community Centre

19 Alcock Street , Maddington , WA , 6109

The Maddington Community Centre provides general space for regular hire by community groups and for social functions.

Mills Park Centre exterior

Mills Park Centre

Mills Park Centre , Beckenham , WA , 6107

The Mills Park Centre is located in Beckenham and is part of a 24 hectare recreational space with high levels of sport and passive use. It has significant environmental areas where Woodlupine and Yule Brooks meet, as well as wetlands and native bush areas. The area is complemented by family picnic areas with barbeques, shade shelters and a state of the art community centre which has achieved a 6 star Green Star rating.

Richard Ruston Community Centre

Richard Rushton Community Centre

24 Baron Way , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The main function of the Richard Rushton Community Centre is to provide general community spaces with a greater focus on small scale sport, recreation and social activities.

Sanctuary Waters Meeting Room

Sanctuary Waters meeting room

16 Illawara Crescent , Canning Vale , WA , 6155

Originally used as a sales office for a property developer, it is now usable by the community as a small meeting area with capacity for 20 people.


The Agonis

2232 Albany Highway , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Agonis Building is situated in the heart of Gosnells, centrally located, on Albany Highway and within close proximity to the Gosnells train station.

Thornlie Community Centre Exterior

Thornlie Community Centre

14 Glenbrook Road , Thornlie , WA , 6108

The main function of the Thornlie Community Centre is to provide general community spaces with a focus on small scale sport, recreation and general activities.

Exterior of the Civic Centre building

Location and opening hours

2120 Albany Highway , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Civic Centre is the administration centre for the City, and is located in beautiful parklands on Albany Highway, Gosnells.

Scarecrow sculpture in the Community Garden

Community Gardens

Southern River Community Garden, 80 Anaconda Drive , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Community gardens are great places where people come together to grow food, foster good health, support life-long learning and cultivate vibrant communities.

COG Rangers with dog on lead

Impound Management Facility contact details

City of Gosnells Pound , Maddington , WA , 6110

Address, contact details and opening hours for the City's pound can be found here.

John Oakey Davis park playground

John Okey Davis Park

John Okey Davis Park , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Adjoining the linear Gosnells foreshore park areas, John Okey Davis Park is an expansive open grassed park that contains perimeter plantings along Homestead Road.

The park is named after John Okey Davis one of the original white settlers in the Gosnells area.

The site contains a museum which contains exhibits that reflect the life of many of the early settlers of the area.

John Okey Davis Park is a designated dog exercise area.

Oval and club room at Tom Bateman Sporting Complex Reserve

Tom Bateman Sporting Complex Reserve

Tom Bateman Sporting Complex , Thornlie , WA , 6108

The Tom Bateman Reserve is homeground to Perth Heat's Baseball Stadium. There are also two large sporting ovals and a playground with all abilities play equipment.


Robinson Park

Robinson Park , Gosnells , WA , 6110

A largely undeveloped park Robinson Park is a designated dog exercise area.

Located on Corfield Street, Robinson Park provides large areas of grass as a kick about area and ball games for local residents.

The park contains examples of remnant native vegetation and contains a small playground for use by local children.

Kenwick Pioneer Cemetery

Kenwick Pioneer Cemetery

1762 Albany Highway , Kenwick , WA , 6107

All that remains as the final resting place of many of our early pioneers are the graves at this historic site on Albany Highway in Kenwick. Read below to discover more information on the site and the people who are buried here.

Civic Gardens

Civic Centre Gardens, Gosnells

2120 Albany Highway , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Adjacent to the Civic Centre, these extensive gardens include a lake with footbridge, war memorial, free barbeques, rose gardens, access to the Council Plaza and public toilets, ideal for large weddings and those special events.

Picnic table at Centennial park

Centennial Pioneer Park, Gosnells

Pioneer Park , Gosnells , WA , 6110

Boasting the City's only amphitheatre, treetop walk, free barbeques, playground and toilet facilities, this park is a great place to visit.

As a river park the reserve provides quality natural riverine vegetation that can be viewed by using the boardwalk that has been constructed to provide pedestrian access to the site without disturbing the precious natural environment.

Addie Mills

Addie Mills Centre

2 Astley Street , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Addie Mills Centre provides many programs and services to seniors and people with disability.

Thornlie Library Meeting.jpg

Thornlie Library - large meeting room

Thornlie Public Library , Thornlie , WA , 6108

General information about Thornlie Library's meeting room, which is available for hire.

DRPAC Fringe Show 2020.jpg

Theatre - Don Russell Performing Arts Centre

Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, Lot 13 Murdoch Road , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Plan your next theatre outing without driving to Perth or Subiaco. The Don Russell Performing Arts Centre is located in Thornlie, with free parking, nearby restaurants and is serviced by a bus route.

The Centre presents national touring shows, monthly Morning Melodies performances, musical evenings and local theatre productions.

The Auditorium, and Studio Room are available to hire for your next meeting, presentation, graduation, conference or performance. View details on the 'What's Here' tab.

Image of Amherst Village Library

Amherst Village Library

Amherst Village Public Library , Southern River , WA , 6110

Amherst Village Library is housed in the Amherst Village Community Centre.

The clock tower on the Agonis

Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Knowledge Centre, located in the Agonis building, overlooks the beautiful Canning River and Centennial Pioneer Park. Come along and enjoy this beautiful scenery while browsing the collection or meeting friends.

The friendly atmosphere in the Community Lounge encourages you to stay and read the paper, add pieces to the Progressive Puzzle Project, or just sit and chat with friends. Or come and join one of the many community groups involved in a wide range of activities aimed at joining in conversations, in English or other languages, improving your mind, being creative or just having fun with like minded people.

Thornlie Library front entrance

Thornlie Library

Thornlie Public Library , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Thornlie Library is conveniently close to Thornlie Square Shopping Centre, Leisure World and Thornlie Primary School.

Wilkinson Homestead 2012

Wilkinson Homestead Museum

Wilkinson Homestead Museum , Gosnells , WA , 6110

The Museum is housed in the Wilkinson Homestead, a State Heritage listed building on the banks of the Canning River. The Museum houses a collection of locally significant items which provide an insight into the history of the area, and also runs fun educational programs for school groups. The grounds may be hired for weddings or other group gatherings.

Front entrance of Kenwick Library

Kenwick Library

Kenwick Public Library , Kenwick , WA , 6107

Built of rammed earth in 1993, Kenwick Library incorporates a beautiful courtyard with shaded seating areas, the perfect place to relax with your library book, read the paper, or catch up with friends!

picture of the indoor pool area

Leisure World

Leisure World, Thornlie Ave and Culross Ave , Thornlie , WA , 6108

Leisure World offers recreational swimming as well as our multi award winning swim school for all ages, gym and fitness programs, casual fitness classes or memberships. With a range of options there's something to suit the whole family.

Read more about our facilities, programs, group classes and events in this section.