Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund

The City of Gosnells is committed to supporting community organisations to deliver quality programs and services to the local community through various grant opportunities.

Community organisations seeking funding information for services or minor equipment should also view the Community Funding Program as this offers a broad range of opportunities to groups and individuals.

The information on this page is dedicated to infrastructure (capital) projects. Capital projects must deliver a built form. Please read the following guidelines to establish the eligibility of your project.

Please contact the City on 9397 3000 or to discuss your project and ensure you are applying for the most relevant grant.

The Community Sport and Recreation Facility Fund (CSRFF) is managed by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries for the purpose of providing financial assistance to community groups and local governments to develop infrastructure for sport and recreation.

The aim of the fund is to increase participation in sport and recreation, with an emphasis on increasing physical activity by assisting with the development of new or upgraded facilities and sporting infrastructure that will maintain or increase physical activity, or result in a more rational use of facilities.

Priority will be given to projects that lead to facility sharing and rationalisation, new playing surfaces, floodlighting, change rooms and storage.  Refer to the attached CSRFF guidelines for projects that are not funded under the CSRFF or contact the City if you are unsure. 

There are three levels of funding based on the project value.  The maximum CSRFF contribution is one third of the total project cost.  Community organisations must be able to fund a minimum of one third from its own resources and be able to attract support for the remaining third.  The community contribution can be a combination of cash, volunteer labour and donated materials.  Refer to the attached CSRFF guidelines for more detail. 


Project Value

Maximum CSRFF Contribution

Contactthe City to discuss the project

Applications Lodged with the City of Gosnells

(2 Rounds)

$7,500 - $300,000

$2,500 - $100,000

15 to 31 December
1 to 15 May

1 February
1 July


$301,000 - $500,000

$100,000 - $166,666

1 to 15 May

1 August

Forwarding Planning

Over $500,0001

$166,167 - $2,000,000

1 to 15 May

1 August

The CSRFF application must include approval from the City of Gosnells.  Contact with the City should be made as early as possible to establish the level of support for the project and to provide advice in preparing the application.  This is particularly important if you are seeking a financial contribution from the City as well as the CSRFF for the project. 

For Annual and Forward Planning Grants, depending on the complexity of the project, allow up to a year for submission preparation. Refer to the City of Gosnells Project Initiation Form for guidance on preparing a comprehensive application.

For further information please refer to the attachments:


For further information, please contact the Project Planning Advisor on 9397 3000 or email


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