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Using water wisely in parks and reserves

The City applies best industry practice to maximise our water efficienty by using the latest innovations in technology to track, maintain, control and minimise the amount of water used in our reserves.

The City is a licensed ground water user and can irrigate between the hours of 6pm to 9am.

All effort is made to irrigate popular use areas during the early hours of the morning; however this is not always possible. The City appreciates local residents working with us and modifying their route of travel between these hours.  Routine maintenance is an integral component in maintaining an efficient irrigation system and for turf maintenance activities.  These works need to occur during day time hours, however efforts will be made to minimise disruption to park users.

The City uses technology connected to a majority of our reserves, which analyses rainfall, temperature and humidity and then determines evaporation rates and calculates how much water we will need to apply on our reserves. We also use flow meters on bores which will help assist the Water Corporation and the City to save water.   

For more Infomation including watering days, sprinkler bans and our current water procedures please visit The Water Corporation Website.

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