Rushton Road Woodland


The Rushton Road Woodland, along with the balance of Ellis Brook Valley management area, is located within Banyowla Regional Park. Management of the Ellis Brook Valley area is guided by the report Ellis Brook Valley Reserve: review of Management Plan and Environmental Study (Ecoscape, 1997).

The woodland is almost 41 hectares of bushland that includes areas of Marri (Corymbia calophylla) and Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginate), woodland along with areas of eastern Banksia attenuate woodland.

The vegetation complex that makes up the Woodlands is the Forrestfield Complex, of which less than 10% of the pre-European extent remains and only 5% is proposed for protection under the state government’s Bush Forever policy. Two threatened Ecological Communities are also located on the site.

The significant conservation value of the site has been recognised ina  number of reports. Its biodiversity value has been assessed by the City, through its Biodiversity Conservation Management Plan 2010 as having the highest biodiversity value of the 40-odd natural areas managed by the City on the Swan Coastal Plain.

The site is affected by a number of factors that require active management. The main threats to the woodland are:

  • The presence of Phytophthora cinnamomi (Dieback Disease)
  • The presence of trails that attract unmanaged vehicle, pedestrian and equestrian activity
  • Areas of vegetation disturbance whose sparse cover provides a site for weed invasion
  • Rubbish dumping along the roadway fringes, but occasionally within the Woodland

Despite currently being ecologically linked and technically part of the greater Ellis Brook Valley management area, the Woodland is recognised as having unique and specific management needs due to its location, soil type and vegetation.

A draft Management Plan has been prepared for the Woodland. In the meantime, though, the City continues to work with the Friends of Ellis Brook Valley (Inc) on weed control, management of dieback disease and access management.

Lot 3 Rushton Road, Martin WA 6110

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