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Vehicle access to the reserve is not available on days when the Fire Danger Rating is declared at Very High. Entry gates at Rushton Road will remain locked.

Ellis Brook Valley, located on Rushton Road in the suburb of Martin, Is recognised as the richest wildflower location in the Perth Metropolitan Area. It has over 500 species of wildflowers in a beautiful hidden valley only minutes from Gosnells Town Centre. The Ellis Brook Valley brochure provides more detail and mapping of the area.

The City manages the Valley in partnership with the Friends of Ellis Brook Valley (Inc), who have also assisted in the sensitive planning for the Valley's development as a nature-based tourism venue.

There are four walk trails of varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from the 'Easy Walk Trail', which provides wheelchair access to the bushland, to the more difficult 'Sixty Foot Falls Circuit', which takes in sweeping views across Perth from the top of the waterfall. The Ellis Brook Valley Walk Trails brochure provides detailed mapping of the trails.

Ellis Brook Valley is a rich breeding site and home for many native and visiting birds, including cockatoos, parrots, pardalotes, splendid and wedge-tailed eagles. It is also home to kangaroos, possums, bats and other native wildlife.

Springtime, from mid-September to early November, is the best time to visit the Valley, with the wildlife and flowers at their peak.

Composting toilets, barbecue facilities and parking are provided at the site. Please note that there is no water available in the Valley.


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