The Sutherland Park Bushland covers 53.6 hectares of Bush Forever Site 125, north of Holmes Street, Southern River and includes three bushland properties.

The site has high conservation value with a large portion being classified as Conservation Category Wetland.

The City commissioned studies into the management requirements for the bushland, with a focus on revegetation, weed management, access and bushfire management.

The perimeter of the site will be fenced in an effort to limit off-road vehicle access into the site – a major source of destruction through erosion and rubbish dumping. Pedestrian gates will be installed to ensure that passive recreation for surrounding residents is still available.

The site is covered in a myriad of tracks, which can be detrimental to the condition of the vegetation. The City has identified some tracks based on fire access requirements and pedestrian access needs and these will be graded and topped with a crushed limestone material during winter 2017. The long term plan is to encourage access through these areas and provide connectivity to adjoining Sutherland Park.

The bushland supports some significant flora - Jacksonia gracillima, the Grand Spider Orchid (Caladenia huegelii) and the endangered Drakaea elastica.

Priority areas for revegetation and weed control activities have been selected and work will commence. Revegetation will use local native species with the aim of improving the diversity and density of appropriate vegetation within the site. Seed collection will be undertaken, enabling plants to be propagated and planted that have their origin within the site being rehabilitated.

Long term objectives include signage and opportunities for other passive recreation such as bird watching and animal spotting.