City Ranger Ron French with school children

Safer school parking

At the start and end of the school day, otherwise quiet residential streets are filled with children, parents, teachers, bikes, cars and buses. One illegally-parked car could result in a serious, or even fatal, accident.

The Safer School Parking campaign aims to educate drivers that where they park matters – especially around schools.

As part of the campaign, City Rangers contact schools to:

  • Provide information about safe parking for schools to share with students, parents and teachers, including children’s activities, digital images to share and a poster
  • Identify and monitor problem parking areas, speaking to drivers and issuing infringements when necessary
  • Organise visits to schools to speak with students about road safety

Illegal parking is monitored across the City and all drivers are asked to be mindful where they park their cars.

Drivers are urged to avoid parking on footpaths, residential verges and areas marked with yellow lines – for safety’s sake.


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