Children's Term Programs

Children’s Term Programs

Enrolments are now open for the large range of Term 1 Children’s Programs offered by the City.

There are a variety of exciting children’s programs, with classes beginning Monday 5 February and running until Saturday 14 April 2018. Use the related links below to find out more about each program and to book.

Tumble Tots
Tumble Tots provides an engaging and active environment that focusses on social interaction and mobility. This program is highly popular for children and improves all aspects of children’s learning including motor skills, cognition and social skills.

Tumble Tots is suitable for babies aged nine months through to toddlers aged four years.

Kindamania and Sporty Kids
Kindamania and Sporty Kids are suitable for children aged between three and five years.

Kindamania enables children to have fun and learn about the world through hands-on activities such as transport, living things and craft. Program leaders strive to ensure each child gets the opportunity to grow and play in a fun and interactive environment with their companions and peers. Kindamania classes are now available on Tuesdays.

Children involved in Sporty Kids develop their motor skills and social interaction through the use of circuit and game-based learning and it’s a great transition to school sport. This program encourages participants to ‘have a go’ and exposes them to various sports equipment and movements aimed to improve their coordination, fitness, social skills and muscle development. A new Saturday morning class for Sporty Kids commences on Saturday 17 February.

Activ Sports
Activ Sports is a great program for children aged from four to 12 years, to learn sport specific skills in addition to developing motor skills, fitness and coordination. This program gives children the opportunity to try new sports every two weeks, to increase engagement in sports and social learning.

Activ Arts
Children enrolled in Activ Arts are given the opportunity to try a new active art form every three weeks which can improve engagement, creativity and social interaction. This program is fun, social and offers a vast array of different arts each term. Activ Arts is suitable for children aged from eight to 12 years. 

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